Sweet Flag

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Latin Name- Acourus Americanuis Hardy Zone- 3-10 Mature Height- 4ft Width- 1ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Sweet Flag - Acorus calamus

For anyone with a little pond in a glorious garden the sweet flag is a must. This plant produces sweetly fragrant flowers of a gorgeous, sunshine yellow with a resemblance to the Iris. The flowers are small but with an appealing density. The leaves are dramatically sheathed in pink at the base with an elegant sword-shaped point. This plant will thrive when it is placed in water making it not only exquisite but easy to care for. The flowers bloom late in the spring and into the summer months and have a delicate and appealing fragrance. The sweet flag contains berries which ripen beautifully then merely fall into the water and disperse. This plant will propagate and form colonies making any water garden or pond spectacular. The leaves have a crimped edge which is quite appealing and there is something about the veins running through the leaves that catch and hold the eye. The distinctive shape makes the plant unique with a delightful appeal. This plant can be planted in soil and although it will not flower it still makes a sweet addition to your garden. For those who want something a little different to add a particular attractiveness, this plant is sensational.Sweet Flag is a perennial wetland plant that is native to the northern area of the United States and Canada. It is characterized by blade-like bright green leaves that have two to six raised veins and a swollen center. The leaves have a spicy aroma that is often used to flavor beer.. The fertilized flowers of this plant produces berries that contain a sweet jelly. In the past these plants were used to treat mild forms of eye infection. They can be ordered through our online nursery. Choose Native Grass to enjoy around your home and in your water gardens These plants will be beautiful around your pond. They will give your area a natural look. They will grow well around ponds. Native Grass adds beauty to any water garden or pond .These plants will add that special touch to your pond. These plants will grow well and fast around bodies of water.


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Sweet Flag



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