Swamp Willow Live Stakes

Swamp Willow Live Stakes

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Swamp Willow Live Stakes- Salix Nigra

The Swamp Willow shrub is a fast-growing tree that usually reaches heights of 10-60 ft. It features a open crown with root growing trunks approximately 5 inch long narrow leaves. The leaves are a dark shiny green on the upper part and a pale grey-green color on the bottom. This is what gives it the grey color that it is more known for. This shrub also grows inconspicuous flowers arranged in clusters blooming in the spring months. The bark ranges on a grey-black gradient and grow forking ridges with age. Seeds sprouting from this shrub do so wind born attached to silky hairs that can carry them long distances from their mother tree. 

This is a twig growing plant, so another tree can easily be grown from a cut off stem placed in proper soil. They can also start to produce seeds after ten years, which will germinate immediately. It is important to know that there are the male trees and the female trees. The male ones will have yellow to greenish catkins while the female will have green. 
The Swap Willow grows best in clay, loam, and sandy soils. In addition, it need to be kept in a moist wet base/soil. They are great for providing shade and are often used in landscaping for this reason. In flood communities it also can serve a codominant, it naturally grows at the base of streams and is known for its durability. 
In the spring months this willow bloom yellow buds providing a lovely scent, also attracting honey bees. So, if you would be interesting in harvesting honey or already do, this would be a great tree to have around. Besides bees, the tree also attracts a variety of colorful butterflies and moths. These can create a beautiful and entertaining botanical sight.

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