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Day Lillies 

Versatile Day Lillies (Hemerocallis) are a staple plant in most summer flower gardens. These hardy plants adapt to most any soil condition and can be seen in all growing zones, although they grow best in zones 4-9.
Day lilies come in a wide range of bloom colors, mature heights, and petal counts, so they are ideal for any flower garden. Some varieties even produce evergreen foliage that will add interest to gardens long after the bloom time has ended.

Summer plants are Outstanding plants for your summer garden.


Highly prized for their summer blooms and medicinal usage, coneflowers (Echinacea) is a must-have plant in the summer garden. Hardy in growing zone 3-8, coneflowers love a full sun location and well-draining soil to grow in.
These cheerful. Native plants have coarse foliage and multi-petaled, colorful flowers. The plant is also sturdy and needs no maintenance. These hardy plants don’t need to be watered, fed and have no pest issues.

Summer plants, such as Cardinal Flowers, are very low maintenance when planted in full sunlight and fertile soil

Cardinal Flowers

This hardy sun loving plant produces blooms when most other flowers have wilted under the summer sun. Cardinal flowers (Lobelia cardinalis) produce stalks of tiny, intense red blooms that will reach a height of three feet.
Cardinal flowers are native to northern states and are hardy in growing zones 1-10. The plant will spread via self-seeding and needs minimal care when planted in full sun and fertile soil.


Daffodils (Narcissus) will naturalize and live for many years when planted in a sunny location that has well-draining soil.
The sunny yellow blooms are often associated with the arrival of spring, but with the 100‘s of hybrid varieties now available, they are summer blooming plants too.
Daffodils are hardy in growing zones 3-8, come in several different bloom colors and will reach a mature height of around 12 inches.

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Summer Blooming Season Plants

This summer, make your garden vibrant for viewers and attractive for colorful butterflies and insects. Get the economical packages or individual boxes of easy-to-grow summer-blooming plants that are available for sale to add a factor of grace and decency to your garden.

Ajuga Plant

Get yourself an elegant and graceful garden by opting for these low-maintenance plants for our lawn. Their ability to control soil erosion and extreme temperature conditions make it a must to buy products for your garden. The blue to purplish flowers in summers gives a perfect look to your garden.

Arrow Wood Viburnum

The early summer flowering plants tend to attract birds and butterflies in the summer season. Full sunlight is the requirement for growth.

Baneberry Plant

The small round white flowers give several ornamental benefits. The average height of baneberry plants is two feet. It appears in two attractive colors like red and white.

Bishops Weed

This flowering plant has served several herbal benefits. Its role as bee balm makes it an essential plant for your garden. Harsh and drought conditions have no or little effect on the growth of these plants. 

Celandine Poppy Plant

This herbaceous perennial species is native to eastern North America. Celandine poppy plants bloom in the summer season and give an elegant look to your garden. It grows up to one to one and a half feet tall. 

Coral Red Dogwood

The radiation of coral-red flowers from the stem makes a red color carpet look in your garden that mesmerizes the viewers and melts the heart of greenery lovers. During the summer, the colonies of flowers attract butterflies and pollinator insects. These plants are rabbit and deer-resistant.

Creeping Buttercup 

This low-growing flowering perennial produces five petals' flowers of yellow to mustard color that become the focus of attention for various pollinator insects. The yellow floor formed by beautiful flowers of creeping buttercup brings perfection to your lawn and gardens. 


This spring-flowering perennial plant is native to areas of Europe and North Africa. Hearty daffodils are six to thirty inches tall and require rich, moist soil for growth and propagation. Different shapes and flowers of daffodils give a vibrant look to your garden.


Daisies are the easiest plants to grow with a variable range of colors from white to coral, pink, blue, etc. The center of the flowers is usually yellow. The daisy plants show true love towards the sunlight by demanding dull sun. Some species of daisy are also drought tolerant. They show the least sensitivity towards insects and hummingbirds.

Dandelion Plant

This nutritious genus of flowering plants is packed with variable vitamins, minerals, and fibers. All these nutrients provide several medicinal benefits to the human body when this plant is taken as raw or as a cooked product. Yellow-colored flowers give rise to the bright yellow sun in the growing season and perfectly mimic the beautiful sunlight scenery. Its nutritive worth and pharmaceutical advantages make it a versatile addition to your summer garden.

Forsythia Shrub

Well-drained, rich soil and full sun one-fourth part of a day are required for the optimum growth and maximum flowering of forsythia shrubs. They may tolerate partial shade. The start of the spring season marks the alarm of its blooming flowers that stay till the end of mid of the summer season.

Geranium Plant

Geranium is the favorite plant of gardeners with the distinctive ability to grow readily, grow and produce colorful flowers, and give your indoor and outdoor grassland areas a good look. In summers, get yourself these pretty and colorful flower plants to make your garden vibrant and unique.

Golden Ragwort

This weedy perennial native to eastern Northern areas gives rise to erect and horizontally petals that emerge from mustard centers. The short stalk of golden ragwort gives a platform to clusters of yellow flowers that attract colorful butterflies and hummingbirds.

Great White Trillium 

These long-lived wildflower-producing plants have three petals originating from the yellowish to mustard centered and have required full sun for their growth and propagation. White daisy-like flowers grow from late spring to early summer.

Indian Pink Plant

This ornamental herbaceous perennial is native to the southeastern United States. The five-pointed petals of yellow colors on the top become the host to variable hummingbirds and insects. Their blooming season is summer, so; they give the perfect touch to your lawn in the summer season.

Least Bluet

This short-heightened plant, native to the United States, is famous for its star violet name. These low-maintenance plants blossom bright blue to violet color flowers, in the summer season, with emerging petals design. These round, velvety touch flowers form a carpet of violet color in your garden and thus become the focus of attention.

Lily of the Valley

The moisture-loving plants with beautiful, attractive bell-shaped white flowers bloom in the summer season, and red spot seeds remain throughout the year. The beautiful flowers of the lily of the valley plants produce a sweet and attractive fragrance.

Pee Gee Hydrangea

This large shrub or small tree from a species from Asia requires consistently moist soil rich in nutrients. Little pruning of these plants regularly is required to maintain the beautiful umbrella shape of plants. The average height of these plants is ten feet.

Trout Lily

This colony-forming perennial is native to North America. These trout lily plants have double color flowers that enhance the beauty of these flowers. These flowers have a yellow tint on the inside and a bronze tint on the outer surface. The vibrant color of trout lilies grows on a single stem and makes your spring and early summers joyful.

Yarrow Plant

The colony-forming herbaceous flowering perennial has multiple color flowers like white, yellow, pink, and red. These plants have a distinctive ability to tolerate the dryness of the soil and extreme environmental conditions. This summer-blooming plant is available for sale to make your grassland elegant and graceful. The sandy and loamy soil are required for its growth and propagation.

Tn nursery provides you an opportunity to make a colorful summer garden that serves as the main focus for viewers, hummingbirds, and butterflies. Make an elegant boundary of your garden by planting colorful flowering plants on the edges and get a fascinating look at your garden.