Sugar Maple Foliage - Package Of 2 Leaves

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Sugar maple's have gorgeous foliage known to be beautifully bright in Autumn

The leaves are deciduous and can range up to 20 cm long and wide. They consist of five palmate lobes; the upper few are larger and more notched and the lower ones are relatively small. The tree's foliage is in contrast with the relative silver maple, characterized by more angular notching on the lobes. The Norway maple is another tree known for its confusion with the sugar maple. However, the two can be differentiated by the color of sap found in and around the leaves; white for Norway maples and clear for sugar maples. In the Fall, the sugar maple tree's foliage may be yellow or bright orange earlier in the season and transition to an orange-red or even a deep red, almost resembling maroon. In some trees, all colors in the range may be seen at the same time whilst the tree is changing. Furthermore, more mature trees may have a tendency for part of the tree's leaves to change color weeks ahead or behind the rest of the tree. For example, a particular tree may be a stunning yellow or orange on a few limbs while the majority of the tree is mostly green. In the northern parts of the tree's range the colors are more vibrant and drastic in their change. The best locales to collect these gorgeous leaves are in the eastern forests of Canada and the northern and central forests of the United States. Key areas are Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Minnesota. The leaves can be found in approximately 8 unique color shades for display and collection. More shades may be obtained, but the distinctions are up to the collector. The best times to collect these stunning leaves are early to mid Autumn. However, these trees may change earlier due to unseasonably cool weather, heavy rainfall in late summer, or unusual stress levels.