Strawberry Vine

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Barren Strawberry - Waldsteinia fragariodes 

Barren Strawberry makes for a lush, quickly-growing vine groundcover in full or partial sun garden areas. The Barren Strawberry is not the traditional Strawberry plant, but instead a low, non-fruiting perennial which produces beautiful yellow flowers. Barren Strawberries do well even in dry soils and looks particularly great when planted with phlox or violets. For woodland gardens, it is low enough to be used in place of Moss, to be cultivated around stepping stones.  These gorgeous plants are planted to provide a natural look and appearance to gardens and natural areas. They are very easy to grow for all homeowners and gardeners as these plants can survive in all types of soil conditions.  They produce small little strawberries but are not edible by humans, but there is some small wildlife that loves them.  They look amazing as they grow and brings lots of colors as they provide small tiny yellow flowers to enjoy during the spring months before the berries appear. Once these vines are established, there are news ones that pop up as the roots grow and distribute new plants to new locations.  They provide gorgeous color and look amazing as they grow. Barren Strawberry plants are named for their seemingly identical resemblance of an edible strawberry plant. The foliage is a green, wedge shape that turns to bronze in autumn. It also blooms small yellow flowers in springtime, which also resembles those of edible strawberries. Once the flowers have bloomed, they, too, will bear fruit. However, these berries are not edible. This is a perennial plant that will die down over the winter months, but greens back up in the spring. Though it grows only up to 6 inches in height, it can spread over 48 inches or more, thus making it a wonderful ground cover year round. It is suited for a wide range of soils and does best in full sun or part shade.