Stakes For Zone 6

Live Stakes - Black Willow and Silky Dogwood

Live stakes are cuttings that are currently dormant and can be planted directly into the ground to prevent further erosion. Eventually, these plants will grow into an adult-sized plant or tree, and the roots will help keep further erosion from occurring in the area.

Erosion is a frequent problem where people experience storm water run-off or have converted wild vegetation to grass. Erosion can lead to a reduction of land as well as habitats for animals in addition to other problems such as increased sedimentation and disconnected floodplains.

Live staking, including plants such as black willow stakes and silky dogwood stakes, is an inexpensive, fast and pleasant solution to many erosion problems. Cuttings can be used to repair slips in the earth, as well as help, buttress the soil effectively. Installing live stakes can be beneficial to gullies and banks as well as serve as anchors
to other erosion solutions.

Willows are often used as a live stake plant and can provide shade for stream life as well as help absorb impurities and chemicals in the water. As they stabilize the soil, they resist flooding and grow quickly.

Besides protecting against erosion, Silky Dogwood is a deciduous shrub that is simply beautiful. Greenish-white flowers appear on the plant in the spring, and their fruit attracts game birds. Maturing to approximately ten feet, the Silky Dogwood is disease and insect-resistant.

Lives stakes should be planted during the dormant season to improve the likelihood of plant survival. Soil should be properly tamped and mulched as well.

Once the live stakes are established, there is essentially no maintenance required. The roots of the plants, trees or shrubs stabilize the soil and prevent further erosion. The plants create a root mat, which can help bind the soil together and provide an effective start for other plants to grow in the area.