Spirea Shrubs

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 The Many Advantages Of Planting Spirea Shrubs

Spirea shrubs are remarkably beautiful shrubs that grow low to the ground. They come in a wide variety of colors, regarding both the leaves and small flowers that grow on the Spirea. The benefits of planting Spirea shrubs in your garden should be noted, as they are using plants to incorporate.

The Spirea is a versatile plant. These shrubs come in many different varieties, giving you the ability to use whichever type best accents your garden. The leaves on a Spirea depend on the species you decide to incorporate and come in all shades of green, as well as red, yellow, and even leaves that appear to hold a tint of blue.

The flowers on Spirea shrubs are made of minuscule, papery looking petals that grow close to each other and number in the dozens in each cluster of flowers. The variety of flowers is even more vast than that of the leaves. Not only can you find Spirea flowers in white, purple, pink, and red, but you can also obtain them in specific shades, such as cream white, wine-red, magenta, blue-white, and many more. This gives you a myriad of options when it comes to beautifying your garden.

A distinct advantage found in shrubs under the genus Spiraea is that they can survive and thrive in most conditions. They grow well in just about any climate in the United States and will even sprout new flowers quickly after trimming or pruning. The original wood seems to promote flower growth to some extent.

Spirea shrubs are generally easy to care for and require little maintenance, but that doesn't mean ignore them all together. Your Spirea will provide a great addition to your garden if you keep in mind a few basic horticulture tips about Spireas.

These shrubs are compact and grow low to the ground. If you want to make sure they won't become overgrown, trim the hanging and remote branches down to just under a foot in length and prune straggling parts of the bush.

Spireas will typically bloom between Spring and mid-Summer, so you will have a large window to work with to keep it thriving.