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Spirea Shrubs

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Buy Spirea Shrubs to add an elegant burst of color to any landscape from Tn Nursery

If you’re wondering where to buy cheap spirea bushes online, then you’re in the right place. Our spirea shrubs will suit properties in USDA zones three to nine and are a great choice if you want beautiful flowers in your garden.

Our spireas all prefer a full sun position, require little care and will reward you with vibrant, colorful flowers that attract beneficial insects. They also attract hummingbirds so are a great choice for eco-friendly and wildlife-friendly gardens.

Spirea Shrubs are sold at very low prices

Here at Tennessee Wholesale Nursery we believe everyone deserves to be able to grow a beautiful garden. So we do our best to keep costs low so we can offer plants at the lowest possible prices. Our spirea bushes are no exception.

You can buy two, 2-3 foot spireas for $14.99 and the discounts keep getting better when you buy five or more plants. Alternatively, if you’re after a variety of spirea shrubs, check out our spirea shrub deal —three, 4-5 foot spirea shrubs!

Spirea Shrubs produce two colors of blooms, hot pink and white

We have spireas in two brilliant colors, hot pink and pure white, and all our varieties have other great attributes too. For example, our Spirea Van Houtte has a lovely fragrance and is both drought tolerant and deer resistant. Our Bridal Wreath Spirea is also deer resistant and our pink spirea is fragrant too.

Pro tip:

Our white spireas flower in spring and our pink spirea flowers in summer so if you plant at least one of each you can have spirea flowers for around six months each year.

Spirea Shrubs are For Sale from TN Nursery with Low Rates and Quick Shipping