Spaghnum Moss

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Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum Moss – Sphagnum is better known by its end use, Peat Moss. Sphagnum Moss grows in wet areas forming bogs and mires in a variety of areas. The moss can survive in any type of environment, including high rainfall, low temperatures or poor drainage. Sphagnum Moss can hold water, and its structure holds a high acidity level.

The Sphagnum mosses are used in the propagation of plants because of their nutritional ability to reduce the PH in any plants growing near them. These mosses blossom into spores instead of flowering like other plants, which help it to spread their amazing power to enhance the growth of other plants around them with their spongy texture.

As the sphagnum moss manufactures certain chemicals that build up its acidic nature to absorb moisture and prevent decay of other plants in the area, these mosses build up over time to form the commonly known product called peat moss. It takes several thousand years to produce a layer of peat. One common plant that has adapted its life to live in harmony with these mosses is the cranberry, among other plants of similar nature. Additionally the sphagnum mosses provide food for small insects and animals in the wilderness and promote their survival as well. It is commonly used today by gardeners as potting soil and in seed generation.

In summary, the sphagnum mosses have a wide range of abilities for helping plants, animals and people in proving to be a highly beneficial media as a very important key natural source that has been used over the course of one’s lifetime making protection of our bogs a top priority for preservation as they can never be restored again. Our bogs are very precious in their ability to the multitude of benefits they serve. Therefore they care must be perpetual to keep them in abundance.

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