Southern Red Oak

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Latin Name-Quercus falcata Hardy Planting Zone-3-8 Mature Height- 80-100 Width-60-80 Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Southern Red Oak

Southern Red Oak is a very large.  It can adapt too many soil conditions but will have the best production in those that are well drained but also moist.  Be sure when selecting the location for this tree, that a large area is picked so, it can have room to grow and develop.  It has beautiful color during the year.  These trees are outstanding and can grow to become very tall heights and also widths when they are fully grown. These trees grow one to two feet each year and can live for several years when mature.  They provide a great attraction for small wildlife such as birds and squirrels.  The squirrels love to run and play in their large branches.  The squirrels also love to feast on the acorns this tree produces.  They provide gorgeous color in spring and summer when they are adorned with beautiful green leaves.  Even during the fall the leaves change to bright colors such as red, yellow and orange and are gorgeous. 

Southern Red Oak are very easy to grow and brings lots of beautiful curb appeal to all lawns and landscapes.  They work great to produce beautiful shade trees to enjoy on hot summer afternoons and evenings. A red oak tree is a great choice for your yard. The trees are a hardy species that are easy to grow. Since the trees are hardy, they can live several hundred years. The trees grow at a fast rate of around two feet per year. The red oak would be a nice addition to a garden because they have attractive pointed tips on their leaves. The trees also fill out and have a full shape to them. These trees will bear acorns since they are in the oak family. The oak starts to bloom when the weather begins to warm up during spring. Blooms from the male red oaks can be long and yellowish green. Blooms from the female trees look like tiny leaves. The red oak tree has green leaves until the fall season comes to the area. The waxy looking green leaves turn a beautiful red. This tree will turn heads in any yard. A tree may produce seedlings, but not many of them will survive, so you do not have to worry about them taking over your yard. These trees are an excellent low maintenance choice for many people.

 Southern Red Oak





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