Southern Ragwort

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Southern Ragwort - Jacobaea Vulgaris.

Southern Ragwort is a tall perennial. Southern Ragwort blooms during May and June and has a yellow cluster of flowers at the top of the stem. Southern Ragwort grows in a variety of soil types and can also increase in moist and well-drained soils. Southern Ragwort grows to 4-6" foot (45-120 cm) tall. This plant is also called Senecio Anonymus. Southern Ragwort is spotted increasing in large fields and even on the sides of roads in ditches during the warmer weather. This plant grows a lot in the Great Smoky Mountains rocky terrain. Southern ragwort has the potential almost effortlessly to make any garden look like a glowing golden meadow. Though its name implies shabbiness, its effects can be dazzling, especially if planted in more massive quantities. The Southern Ragwort’s sturdy stems branch apart into clusters of delicate composite flowers, each less than half an inch wide.


Southern Ragwort

The starbursts of thin, bright yellow petals and the chunky orange centers are two different types of flowers, which, together, create an eye-catching bloom with a distinctive character and charm. The Southern Ragwort stems also sprout two dramatically different kinds of leaves, one at the base and one farther up the stalk, for added visual interest. These hardy perennials spread readily, return year after year, and are easy to care for once they are established. Though most asters bloom in the late summer and fall, this member of the Asteraceae family will cheer up your garden in the springtime, flowering from April to May in the Southeastern United States or from early June to mid-July in the Northeast. If you are looking for a native North American species to add texture and interest to your landscaping, southern ragwort is the plant for you. Add Southern Ragwort to your home today! 



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