Smooth Sumac Seedlings

Smooth Sumac Seedlings

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November 1st Through April 15th

Full Sun

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Smooth Sumac Seedlings - Rhus glabra

Smooth Sumac Seedlings is a deciduous native to the United States. It's described as a shrub but can grow to the size of a small tree. Smooth Sumac trees usually mature to a height and width of around ten to fifteen feet. Seedlings grow about three feet laterally per year, once established. This can be encouraged by trimming. Smooth Sumac Seedlings of one year in age are often recommended when colonizing.

Yellow-green flowers bloom on mature plants from June to July, but Smooth Sumac is most beautiful during the fall months. The leaves turn from green and yellow to a fiery red with darker reds throughout. Scarlet berry clusters begin to appear where blooms once were. They're perfect as a decorative hedge or garden plant as a result. They’re also consumed by wildlife such as deer, birds, and rabbits. However, they usually consider it an emergency winter food.

Smooth Sumac is hardy and grows on hills and roadsides in the dry and rocky soil.

They're not poisonous. Their poisonous cousins are called Poison Sumac. Poison Sumac is smaller and grows in swampy, wet, and dark areas like bogs. They have distinctly hanging gray berries instead of the rich crimson berries Smooth Sumac presents.

Smooth Sumac Seedlings prefer acidic soil, but they can adapt to many different textures and types. They're widely distributed as they're known for their drought resistance. The seedlings, as well as the mature plants, prefer sun to shade. They prefer drier soil with mostly sun to help them thrive. Smooth Sumac Seedlings mature well in hardiness zones three through nine.

Their leaves have small toothy edges with rounded bases. They grow in compact rows reaching sixteen to twenty-four inches long. These plants will mature well with little competition. Weeding, mowing, or trimming is recommended to rid Smooth Sumacs of the plants around their bases.

Smooth Sumac Seedlings are underrated garden accessories that produce some of the most brilliant colors throughout the year.