Silver Maple Live Stakes

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Latin Name- Acer Sacchairnum Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 50-80 Width- 25-35 Sun or Shade- Prefers Partial Shade
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Silver Maple Live Stakes - Acer Saccharinum

Silver Maples are predominantly known to have a beautiful bright-green color on the top of their leaves nearest to the sun while having a white to silver color on the bottom of each leaf. Swaying in the wind, the underside of the leaves will dazzle and glean the underlying colors, accomplishing a rather elegant display of its name, Silver Maple. Each leaf distinctly 3”-4” in size has five sections with profound clefts between each one as if in a star pattern. The Finely sketched bark is recognized mostly gray with a thin scale pattern and texture. During the colder months, their leaves will habitually turn a vibrant shade of yellow or gold, while some rarely have been seen to show orange to red in colder climates, making them a spectacular site during the fall. While being of the Maple family, Silver Maples can and will produce delicious sap for use in syrup although not as much as others of the Maple family. Silver Maples make a wonderful wildlife tree, proving both nourishment from the seeds and nesting sites for birds or squirrels. As a fast-growing tree and one of the fastest blooming trees during the spring, the Silver Maple will grow 3 to 7 feet per year. Grown native in Minnesota all the way to Alabama, Silver Maples will comfortably survive during tough seasonal shifts, floods and even drought with much ease. While supplying fascinating colors and dense leaf growth, it makes a versatile shade to an ornamental tree with every changing season.




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