Silver Maple Live Stakes

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Silver Maple Live Stakes Description

Silver Maple Live Stakes 

Acer Saccharinum (Silver Maple Live Stakes) is a massive tree that belongs to the maple family, native to Eastern North America. It shows the highest growth in the temperate Northern and mid-Southern climates of the U.S and Canada, which seems an excellent addition to any yard or landscape reflecting the beauty of nature. 

They can quickly grow 3 to 7 feet yearly and are considered the fastest-growing and best-blooming trees during spring. These giant deciduous trees can propagate up to 50 to 80 feet tall. In comparison, the spread is 30 to 50 feet, adaptable to rough weather, and able to survive in drought, cold and hot seasonal changes, and even flooding.

The shady trees are well adapted to moist, acidic, and well-drained soil to reach the peak of maturity. However, they prefer to grow along river banks and edges, streams, or any vertical watery surface for an extended period. The propagation through seed is an easy and efficient process. They are water stress-tolerant and can survive in high and receding water levels in spring and during midsummer and also prevent soil erosion.

Silver Maple Live Stakes bark is grey, having a thin scale pattern, and sketches

These stakes grow in the full sun, followed by partial shade in the afternoon. Direct sunlight is a positive measure to increase the propagation rate as these plants require little care in their early days. The maple tree leaves are 3 to 4 inches in size, having five sections containing deep notches between each one, making them appear like a star.

The upper part of the leaf appears green in color, while the lower section is white and silver. During cold weather, the colors transform into yellow or gold and orange or red ranges. The tree's bark is grey, having a thin scale pattern and sketches.

The flowers of such vase-shaped trees are insignificant, pentamerous umbels greenish-yellow to red, usually 1 inch blooming in early spring sprouting from tiny clumps of buds—the average life span estimates130 years. However, mostly survive up to 30 years in an urban setting.

The expected annual pruning time is during late winters or early summers to get the best results. The live stakes fasten the vegetation development having high growth rates, considered the healthiest plants as they provide stakes.

One can easily observe the range of underlying colors of the leaves at the time of sway through the wind. These trees are resilient and sturdy towards wind and tolerate high air pressure without damage. These trees are the tallest ones that favor the growth of other nearby trees through their shade.

The Saccharinum, in the scientific name, refers to the sweet white sap they produce, used for making syrups. The maple tree is a source of seed nourishment to animals, a shade for ornamentals, nests for birds and squirrels, and feed for deer and rabbits.

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    Silver Maple Live Stakes

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    Silver Maple Live Stakes

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