Silky Willow

Silky Willow

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Latin Name- The Black Willow Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 30-70 ft Width- 7-8 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun OR Partial Shade

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Silky Willow – Salix sericea

Silky WillowShrub is the plant for you. The Silky Willow is a shrub, and it is a member of the Salicaceae family. This plant is popular because it is low maintenance. The Silky Willow commonly grows in swamps along the rivers in the eastern United States and Canada. The plant life of this shrub can be about twenty years where it will grow to be the tallest. The Silky Willow grows around mid-spring. The typical growth period is between the spring and summer. The Silky Willow has dark green with light hair on the top, and it is bright green covered with silky white hairs underneath. This plant has an acceptance to drought and has to have a lot of watering. The soil that is needed for the shrub is acid, average, loam, clay, or sand that will continue to be wet and moist. During May, the shrub can be yellow-green blooms.

The Silky Willow can survive any weather conditions.

  The bush can grow in the shade, or it can have lots of suns. The Silky Willow can lighten up the garden by bringing an array of variety to your garden. When the sunlight hits the Silky Willow, it can produce a shade of purple.The silky willow shrub grows in swamps and riverbeds in eastern America and Canada. Two to four meters tall, it has long, thin twigs of a purplish color. The upper side of young leaves looks dark green and a bit hairy. The lower side of the leaves are light green and covered thickly with white, silky hairs. It likes sandy, gravelly, cobbly lake and river shores and rarely appears in fields, though it may occasionally be found in swamps and ledgy shorelines. A quick grower, it hosts Acadian hairstreak butterfly caterpillars. Some people like to plant it as a replacement for the invasive Russian olive.



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Silky Willow

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