Siberian Iris

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Sun or Shade- Full Sun, Mature Height- 18", Width- 4", Bloom Color- Deep Blue or White, Blooming Season- Early Spring, Status - Beginner

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Siberian Iris boasts intense colors and delicate flowers

Siberian Iris flowers are typically used to accent landscaping since they are so vibrant and beautiful. Siberian Iris plants also make for excellent border plants when landscaping. These flowers are deficient maintenance and last a long time once they bloom. Siberian Iris flowers can grow up to 3 feet but can also be as small as 1 foot, giving them lots of visual variety.


Once the Siberian Iris reaches maturity, it can produce more than 20 flowers at once


As far as hardiness is concerned, these flowers can grow in zones 2 through 9, making them a versatile and attractive plant to add to your garden. To get the best results with this plant, it is suggested to grow them in the summertime along with perennials when you are watering them all during the summer. When it comes to planting, the Siberian Iris will typically begin to you with green leaves and a root system that has been thoroughly washed. It is recommended to plant this 1 inch under the soil and then cover them with soil until it is covered by 2 inches. These little flowers enjoy an average amount of moisture so you could even plant these close to a pond or lake and they would do well and look add some extra beauty to your backyard! These plants need lots of suns so you should plant them where they will have the full light so you will have more flowers.


The Siberian Iris can survive in partial light but will flower much more in full sunlight, in climates that aren't too dry or hot


Once you have planted your Siberian Iris and it begins to bloom, you can enjoy those lovely little flowers in a vase or a bouquet immediately. It will not hurt the plant at all to cut the flowers off and enjoy them from time to time.

Siberian Iris

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