Shrubs For Zone 11

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Best Shrubs For Zone 11


If you are looking for a fantastic plant that is easy to grow and maintain, and that will also give your yard unique color in the fall, then this bush is the one for you.

The Burning Bush, or Euonymus Alatus, is a deciduous plant that delivers green, blue-green, foliage in the spring and summer. While in the fall the leaves turn to a fabulous flaming red color, giving the bush its name. Once established this bush is natural to grow since it will become in any soil condition. Though it's preference is moist and well-drained soil, it can also handle drought conditions well.

If planted in the shade it will not deliver those fabulous flaming red leaves in the fall, so be sure to plant in full sun. With its fast growth the Burning Bush makes a perfect accent plant, or for an even more eye-catching display, you can plant in groupings. The burning bush can be used for borders and hedges as well. With a line of brilliant green in the spring and summer, your neighbors will be amazed when in the fall your fence turns into a bright display with its flaming red leaves.

So there you have it. An easy to grow bush that will deliver a gorgeous flaming red color, and it can be used for a hedge or as an accent plant.