Shortleaf Pine Tree

Shortleaf Pine Tree

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Latin Name- Pinus Echinata Hardy Planting Zone-6-8 Mature Height- 66-98 Width- 15-20 Sun or Shade- Full Sunlight


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Shortleaf Pine Tree - Pinus echinata

Shortleaf Pine Tree, or Pinus echinata, is native to the eastern US. The needle-like leaves grow in bundles of 2 to 3. Cones are usually 2 to 3 inches long. This tree is sometimes straight and sometimes crooked with an irregular crown.  These trees thrive when planted in locations that offer moist and well-drained soils.  They are magnificent when fully grown and can be seen rising a lot along the coastal regions as they become well in dry soil conditions.  These trees are very hardy trees and can last through strong storms.  This tree provides smaller needles than others, and they grow in a cylinder shape.  These trees are prevalent because of how durable the wood is and is used a lot in making plywood and lumber for building.  These trees have a fantastic fragrance to them, and they also create a very natural look and feel to all lawns.  These are an excellent choice for all homeowners and landscapers, and they remain green all throughout the entire year.  They also are used to bring lots of curb appeal as they grow and mature. An American native found in the southeastern states, the shortleaf pine (Pinaceae Pinus echinata) can be variable in its growth form. It can grow either with a straight or a crooked trunk along with an irregular crown. Shortleaf pines grow up to 100 feet high, and the diameter of their trunk ranges from 20 to 35 inches.Slow-growing compared to other varieties of pines, the shortleaf pine is shade tolerant when young, which makes it able to establish itself under competition with more mature trees. It also develops a deep taproot when quite young, which allows it to flourish in poor soils or sites with marginal growing conditions.The shortleaf pine has the unusual ability to naturally hybridize with either the loblolly pine or the pitch pine in areas when these varieties grow nearby.




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Shortleaf Pine Tree



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