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If you want to make sure the garden in your property stands out, you may be thinking about different colors of perennials. Because we have numerous perennials, you have plenty of options from which to choose. You can tailor these colors to meet your specific references. Of course, you may not exactly know where to start. What are a few examples of colors you might be able to choose for your perennials? At Tennessee Nursery, it would be our pleasure to help you.

Echinacea Is Popular as any perennial we sell

One of the first options you may want to consider is called Echinacea. Also called the purple coneflower, this flower grows to approximately 3 ft in height. Then, it slowly blooms its gentle petals throughout the summer. This flower works well with a wide variety of other options because it is not that aggressive. It will grow well even when it is surrounded by other flowers. This plant also comes in a wide variety of colors, allowing you to pick the exact species that will meet your needs. If you need something that will grow quickly and work well with other plants, consider Echinacea.

The Daylily Can Help you Stand Out

In order to help your property stand out, you may want to think about the Daylily. There are lots of people who make an entire garden out of this flower alone. When it finishes growing, it stands approximately 3 ft tall. It also has a wide, expansive potential that makes it a great choice for dense gardens. This flower comes in many colors including orange and red. As long as you water this plant regularly, it should grow well. Think about the deep colors of this flower if you are looking for a way to create a gorgeous garden.

Don’t Forget the Black Eyed Susan

One of the first flowers you may want to think about is the Black Eyed Susan. This is a flower that looks like it has a black eye in the middle, does the name. The petals surrounding the middle are yellow and orange. Then, there is a dark center that looks like it is at the bottom of a cone. This flower usually blooms in the summer and remains in place throughout the year. Because it is so strong, it is among the most popular perennials in the world. When it is fully grown, it stands approximately 3 ft in height.

Take Advantage of the Different Colors of Perennials from Tn Mail Order Nursery

Ultimately, there are many different colors of perennials from which to choose. Therefore, you can tailor your flowers to meet your specific needs. At Tennessee Nursery, it is our pleasure to provide you with access to many colors of perennials. We can even work with you, helping you find the right flowers to meet the needs of your home or office. Contact us at your convenience, and learn more about the flowers we offer!


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