We Sell Plants Not Seeds - Anyone Can Order at Low Grower Prices - We Ship Everywhere

Shipping Info

We are in Tennessee but it doesn't matter if you're in California Or Vermont. We Grow plants for all zones. We have seed sources for every zone and we will see your zip code and always choose plants that will grow in your zone well.


All About How We Ship & Package Your Plants For Transit

 Most Asked Questions

We Are A USDA Certified Nursery in Middle Tennessee - Served The Nursery Grower Industry For 58 Year and 3 Generations

We Are Licensed To Ship To All States and 13 Countries

We Ship To Homeowners & wholesalers and Have Rock Bottom Low Prices For Wholesale Companies Ordering Large Volume (prices go down as you add larger quantities)

We Use  USPS To Ship All Our Stock To Homeowners. Large Bulk Wholesale Orders We Use Old Dominion Freight Lines, Shipping Is The Same As Fedex

You Can Place Orders And Pickup. Call Our Office For Pickup Location (we have 2 locations in zip 37301) and we will let you know when your order will be ready for pickup

>We Ship All Orders Out Within 5-7 Working Day Except In Spring and we get your orders out asap, it may be a little later than normal but we make sure they ship fresh dug


>Want To Reserve Plants for Guaranteed Availability ?

We will be happy to hold your orders until a requested ship date. Simply put in the comments section of the online order form the date you'd like your order shipped and we will dig fresh and ship at the requested date. We Ship all items year round except trees & shrubs, we ship those in Fall, Winter and Spring (October- April 30th). No Summer Shipping on trees and shrubs.

Shipping Rates

Shipping Rates Ups Are 9-20%, depending on zip code, weight and volume of order.   You will get an exact shipping total prior to entering payment information in the checkout process when you order online.  This excludes machine dug trees

How We Pack To Protect Your Plants

Every plant we ship is dug fresh a day prior to shipping. We dig your plant stock, take to the shipping warehouse and dip all roots in a moisture gel called Tera-sorb, surround Roots with paper or in warmer months we use straw so the plants will not overheat in transit, then wrap in heavy packaging paper and containerize in corogated pressure protectant cardboard boxes. We band every box as well as tape for no transit damage.

What is Tera Sorb?

Available in Fine, Medium, and Coarse Grades Terra Sorb is a super absorbent, potassium based co-polymer gel that significantly increases the water holding capacity of soil. It absorbs up to 200 times its weight in water and slowly releases it to nearby plants. We GUARANTEE YOUR PLANTS TO ARRIVE IN EXCELLENT CONDITION TO ANY STATE THE MANNER IN WHICH WE PACKAGE THEM.


• Significantly increase water holding capacity of soil
• Prevent plant losses due to dry soil
• Slowly release water into the root zone/p>


Can Non-Licensed Customers Or Homeowner's Order?

Sure you can. As of the year 2012 we are offering wholesale prices to homeowner's too.This has been due to an overwhelming volume of requests made in the past 10 years. Homeowner's can take advantage of wholesale grower prices and availability without having their orders shipped to a business - and we no longer require a Nursery License to order wholesale.

Transit Preparation and Time In Transit

We pack all stock to last during transit with no problems. We dip all roots in terasorb - a silicone gel, and wrap roots in paper to protect the roots and wrap in paper to further hold moisture in for up to 10-12 days. Transit is never longer than 3-4 days BUT IF IT'S LONGER, YOUR PLANTS WILL LAST 2 WEEKS BEFORE EVEN NEEDING WATER.

My Plants Arrived But I cant Plant Them Right Now

No worries, you have over 7 days to plant after receipt (shipping is usually 3-4 days), or if the weather isn't allowing you to plant - the plants will be fine if you store them in a basement, cellar or garage. Make sure the roots are not exposed (leave in plastic) and water every 3-4 days. The plants will last 2-3 weeks until you can plant.



Freight Insurance Is Available Upon The Customer's Request

>We will not be responsible for plants getting damaged or opened during transit. If you'd like to have insurance on your stock, please let us know - then your shipments will be covered. You must put in writing on comments of the order from that you'd like insurance on your order. This can be billed seperately.


B&B Shipping

We have used this company and their rates are great and recommend you call them for machine dug B&B Tree Quotes

 A & J Truck Broker LLC

 3715 Beersheba Highway McMinnville, TN 37110 Phone: (931) 668-6000