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Do you sell on ebay? Groupon? Amazon? Your Online Website? If you'd like to sell our plants you are welcome to use our images and descriptions. When you sell an item simply go online to our site and place your order. There will be a billing section (place your name here) and ship to section (put your customer's address there). We do the rest. We ship out all orders within 5-7 days and you will automatically get a tracking number the day the label is created and package ships. 

We have several successful people that sells on ebay and amazon especially that re-sells our products and does this full time and makes a very good salary re-selling our plants. We are a 58 year old company located in Tennessee. We grow what we sell and have massive quantities of every item we grow. With our 3400 production acres, you never have to worry anout our inventory not being sufficient to fill your demand.

We sell bare root plants and we pack them very very well to be able to ship anywhere in the USA and be in excellent condition on arrival. We dip each plant in terasorb (moisture retaining gel), surround roots with peat moss and then plastic. We package in corogated boxes and ship out usually the day they are dug and no later than the second day after digging. This ensures 100% success in keeping plants alive and thriving when planted. We also enclose planting instructions and gurantee our plants for 1 full year for a replacement upon return.

No contract to full out. Just list our products and start selling. When you get an order, simply go online and place your orders and put your customer's name and address as the "ship to". We do this rest.


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We can not give you information on how to sell our plants, where to list them at or how to reprice them. You will need to do research on whatever platform your wanting to sell on and do price comparisons. If you stay a few cents lower than the lowest price other sellers are charging for the same plants, you will do well.

We have folks all over the USA paying their bills from home simply listing our products on outlets like ebay and amazon. The most successful are those that devote alot of time and effort to re-selling and above all, customer satisfaction. If something is wrong, work hard to make it right. Another excellent way to resell is to list products on your own website. All have proven to be highly successful if your the type person that has some computer knowledge, sells online or has previously and has a desire to be self employeed and the more you put into it, the more money you will make.