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Selecting A Contractor

Selecting A Contractor

Posted by Tammy Sons on Feb 02 , 2016

Tuesday, February 15

My first impression of Kevin, was that he reminded me of a jovial version of the character “Pig Pen” from the Charlie Brown comic strips. I was a little hesitant at how our meeting would go, I was looking to hire a quality landscaping contractor ,growing to help my booming, design building company. The market was reliability ,local nurseries and I couldn’t afford to get the run around or bad service from anyone, I needed great homeowner ,builder, quick service and contractor, seeds. Kevin produced a portfolio and references, all of which checked out and ever since, Kevin and I have been good business associates. He even had references from 4 landscaping contractor, Landscaping Contractor, which was an added bonus for me.

So whether you’re a landscaping contractor, years or a bushes, trees, whenever you bring a new flowers, sod into your life, it’s kind of like going on a first date, you’re a little shy to hold hands right at first and you have a ton of questions.

Let’s start with some quality questions first to weed out all the bad tnnursery.net,. It’s important to get this information upfront, before you even , your time with the face to face meeting.

  1. Are you a licensed ,? Can you provide proof (i.e. Physical License or License #)
  2. Are you bonded and insured? (Again, require proof of this and call any phone number listed to verify the policies & bonds are current)
  3. How many employees do you have? (This is a two part question, you’re going to find out if this is a fly by night operation or if their dedicated to this ,. The second part is, you need proof that they have Worker’s Compensation Insurance, the last thing you need is a claim against your insurance because someone got hurt on your job.)
  4. How many , have you done landscaping? How many years have you been in business?

If all of this information checks out satisfactorily for you and you feel comfortable speaking with them over the phone, then it’s time to setup the face to face meeting. Ask the landscaping contractor to bring a portfolio of pictures, tell them you want to see before and after photos, also let them know that you’re interested in pictures that show a variety of items, such as ,, ,, ,, etc., not just dirt they laid , on. Also ask them to provide at least 3 good references and then throw them a curve ball, ask to speak with an unhappy customer. We all know you can’t make the whole world happy all the time, but between 3 good references and 1 bad reference you can gain a greater perspective into what to expect.

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