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Exotic, Rare, Fruit, Flowering, Hardwood, Berry & Ornamental Seeds Offered at Tn Nursery

Should a Gardener Grow Plants from Seeds? 

Should a gardener grow plants from seeds or order ready-to-plant perennials and annuals from a nursery? The joy of growing plants from seeds might be sweeter than ordering from nurseries. It's a test of gardening skills, but not a big challenge. Plus, you can buy cheap and get more plants for your money. Plants that are grown from seeds are 900% less costly than plants. A frugal gardener wants to garden cost-effectively. The gardener feels twice rewarded when the seed comes up the first spring after planted.


 Growing plants from seeds are inexpensive fun. Packets of seeds you can buy cheap and get more plants for your money. A little patience is required. Seeds come up the first spring after planting, so there's a short waiting involved. The waiting pays off. Seeds are 900% less costly than plants.


 Seed packets have fascinating pictures on the front. It's fun to mark rows with seed packets turned upside down, set up on a stick. Inside the package, seeds await, maybe ten seeds or twenty seeds or even more. No matter how many seeds come in a packet, seed packets allow one to buy cheap and get more plants for your money.


 Seeds can be planted with a hoe and not a shovel. It's easy to draw a trench in the earth and drop one seed after another. You can plant them very easily without digging large holes. 


 Seed packets come with instructions. It's a great way to learn about a plant. The instructions tell how to plant a seed. How deep should a seed be planted? How far apart should seed be planted from another? Should the seed be planted in the shade, or should the seed be planted in full sun? Does the seed need plenty of water right away, or can it tolerate dry conditions? How long until a seed pokes through the soil? Planting packet seeds is cost-effective because the gardener knows what to do.


 A seed comes up the first spring after planting. This is true, yet many gardeners like to start seeds inside during the last months of winter to be ready for spring planting. One gardener wants to start seeds on a wet paper towel in a Ziploc bag. The Ziploc bag works like a greenhouse. Set in a sunny window, almost all the seeds sprout. Transferred to seed starting trays, these seedlings are still 900% less costly than plants shipped to the house. After the last frost, you can plant them very quickly without digging large holes.



Have you ever wished for a beautiful landscape and thought it was possible? Is your health failing and you are not able to dig large holes to plant trees and other type plant? Or perhaps you can not afford the outrageous shipping costs not to mention plant prices for mature grow trees and shrubs? We understand. Due to an overwhelming amount of requests the past 24 years, we are now breaking ground on a new venture, selling quality tree, shrub, perennial and fruiting seeds. We have a large inventory of what we do have listed in our seed supply and are able to over some rare and exotic seeds of items we do not sell as plants.


Blooming Tree Seeds

Every wished for a big beautiful blooming dogwood tree or perhaps a pink flowering cherry blossom tree but cant afford it? We now have seeds to can purchase and plant to grow your own as a fraction of the cost of purchasing traditional plants from nurseries and then paying outlandish shipping charges on top of the tree costs themselves. We also have the Royal Empress Tree Seeds! They are highly fragrant and are on of spring's first blooming trees. 

Blooming Shrub Seeds

Love Wisteria Plants? We now have the Blue Moon Seeds! Blue Hydrangea shrubs? We got your covered. We also have the Pee Gee Hydrangea seeds to have the garden or landscaping of your dreams with our flower shrub favorite seeds. Affordable and easy to plant, care and maintain.

Rare & Exotics?

Yes we do! Purple Bamboo Seeds, Pink and White Fountain Weeping Cherry, Fig Seeds and more all at low prices and from a trusted source, Tn Nursery. We make sure you get the freshest stock and supply of seeds for all your landscaping needs. We strive for repeat customers. That's why we offer a one year unconditional warranty on anything we sell. If you buy from us, forget the middle men or drop shipping. Every seed you buy from Tn Nursery is shipped from our warehouse on Main Street in Altamont Tennessee and packed with care by our family owned and operated company. We do have a lot of help from outside help but family always oversees our operation.