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Moss Makes The Perfect Decor!

You’ve been telling her you’ll fix up that eye-sore of a backyard for months, but what do you do with a corner of dirt? Get creative! February marks the threshold of one of the most colorful times of the year. February ushers in the springtime fever. Turn that lump of dirt into a passionate creation for your lover on Valentine’s Day with a little bit of landscaping. Tn Nursery has quality moss for sale at the lowest prices.

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Building a beautiful nature retreat in your backyard isn’t as monumental a task as one might think, especially when mosses are involved. Not only is it one of the lowest maintenance of decorations for your yard, but it is also one of the best backdrops for all the intricate beauty of your land. That is the perfect ornament for the dark and shady areas of your land. The texture and vibrant greens of the moss thrive in these conditions.

Planting your moss is easy.

As stated before, you should make sure to plant your moss in an adequately shaded area of your land. All types of moss love the damp environment of a moisture-rich, shaded area. Ensure that you clear the chosen area of all the leaves and other debris before you begin planting.

The only tricky part of planting your moss is ensuring the soil has the proper pH to sustain the moss. If the soil is too alkaline, it’s not a deal-breaker. Just add a little sulfur powder to the soil. It will add a bit of acidity and bring the pH to a more desirable level. It should be between four and one half and five and one half.

Once the soil is prepared, you’re golden! Wet the soil thoroughly, and get to planting! Remember, moss loves water.

There are several different types of moss.

Carpet Moss: It’s all in the name on this one. Carpet Moss is mother Earth’s natural shag. When you first plant this type of moss, it will be a vibrant green. As time passes and the moss matures, it will begin to darken. That usually results in a beautiful texture that is nature’s little gift to you.

Cushion Moss: Cushion Moss can usually be found in many different colors, and it’s fluffy. It gives a nice lush look to a pathway or corner area. It’s simple to maintain, as well. Just add water! The moss will maintain itself and reproduce just as quickly as it grows.

Ground Moss: Ground Moss is an excellent additive if you plan to incorporate large rocks into your landscaping ideas. The moss will multiply, and you will have an aged look you’re seeking by the beginning of the following year. It’s a classic look.

Tree Moss: Tree Mosses have grown some bad reps throughout the years. Most people mistake some types of tree moss for a disease that is harmful to the tree. Tree moss is not a parasitic nuisance to the tree. It’s a beautiful sign of maturity and health.

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