Sawdust Mulch

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Sawdust Mulch 3-gallon bags

Sawdust mulch 3-gallon bags are an excellent choice when constructing flower beds, natural areas and it also works great on walkways and driveways. This mulch is very durable and helps with keeping moisture around the roots of the plants in a garden. Online nurseries offer this mulch in very convenient three-gallon bags. This is great and is easily distributed around the plants, shrubs, and trees. This sawdust mulch adds a great touch to large trees and is a great way to decorate a lawn. This mulch, when combined, will make trees and shrubs stand out among everything else that is planted. It is very affordable, and all homeowners and landscapers will love it. This is a great way to liven up a lawn or garden area, and it also brings excellent curb appeal to the property. It is made up of wood shavings that have been finely ground and is beautiful when distributed in a garden.

Sawdust Mulch Has Many Garden Uses


Sawdust can be used to amend soil and prevent weeds from growing. By increasing the amount of organic matter in the soil, sawdust mulch is able to improve the soil's texture. The increase in organic matter can also help you grow organisms such as mushrooms, which rely on organic matter to support their growth.

Sawdust has an acidic composition and acidifies the soil that it is placed around as it decomposes. Sawdust mulch works best with plants that are acid-loving; plants such as blueberries and rhododendrons. The mulch will provide additional nutrients to the plants that they would otherwise not receive, or receive less of, with other mulches.

Aside from nutrient benefits, sawdust mulch has physical benefits as well. The mulch can prevent slugs from entering a garden by creating an additional barrier between the plant and animal. Additionally, due to its absorbent properties, sawdust mulch can absorb excess moisture in a garden.

Special Attention

Sawdust is not toxic to plants, despite popular belief. Sawdust, however, requires nitrogen to decompose properly and may draw nitrogen from the soil that your plants are rooted in. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the placement of your sawdust in addition to the amount that you use; consider applying extra nitrogen with the mulch.