Saw Tooth Oak Tree

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Saw Tooth Oak Trees 

Saw Tooth Oak Trees live over 100 years. It's super durable and hardy. Never allowing strong winds to destroy it. It lives in a variety of zones. This magnificent tree is gorgeous all throughout the year.  During spring and summer, it displays a beautiful green canopy as it is covered in large green leaves that produce and provides a great amount of shade for those hope and humid summer afternoons and evenings.  During the fall it shows off the colors as the leaves change to beautiful colors such as yellow, orange and red to bring lots of color and brilliance to all locations.  This tree can grow to become outstanding and needs lots of room to grow and branch out.   It looks amazing on large lawns as it grows to maturity and also provides a great place for squirrels and a variety of birds to play.  This tree is a very strong and hardy tree and can withstand all types of weather conditions.  This tree also produces leaves that have ridges along the edges that appear to be small little teeth, and this is where it gets its name from.  These trees add lots of wonderful and much-needed curb appeal to all lawns and landscapes where they are planted.


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