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Saving Your Plants

Saving Your Plants

Posted by Tammy Sons on Jan 26 , 2016

When it comes to saving your garden during drought seasons, you need rich soil and mulch for your plants to hold onto to any water and extra moisture. 

Organic soil is the best sense because it is higher quality and contains more nutrients that your plants need to survive. Check with your local nursery or supermarket to see which would be the best type of soil for plants. Mulch will also be a great mixture for soil since it will perform the same duties as organic soil and at a time when water is scarce, your plants need as much moisture and soil fertility as possible. For watering, try drips and trickles when nurturing your plants. Purchase a soaker hose and bury it underneath the mulch so your plants can retain moisture. Soaker hoses are hoses that contain pores which allow water to slowly seep through, saving water while keeping your plants healthy and watered. Regardless of the drought, water your garden by drenching your plants with a pitcher of water so your plants can absorb water at a deeper level and hold onto as much water as possible.

Increase potassium when nurturing your garden to encourage root growth.

The most important factor in saving your garden during drought seasons is preserving the roots of any plants or trees. 

Raise the level of your lawn mower to preserve roots when mowing the lawn. Use less fertilizer when saving your garden during drought seasons. If you have trees, then water them first, especially if they are providing your garden with any form of shade. Try to move as many plants you can in shaded areas like the porch. Place your plants in the heat for a few hours or so then bring them back in. Use larger pots so your plants will have more soil and extra moisture. For mobile plants, bring them inside from the hot weather and water them regularly. Always keep an extra, careful eye on your plants and if you see your plants starting to wilt in any way then water immediately and soil accordingly. Saving your garden during drought seasons is not an easy venture, but it requires a careful eye and preventative measures that will keep your plants alive. You may lose some plants no matter what you do, but there are steps you can take to salvage most of your garden.

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