Sassafras Live Stakes

Sassafras Live Stakes

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Shade, Fast Growing Trees, Fragrant Plants

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Sassafras Live Stakes - Sassafras Albidum.

Sassafras Live Stakes is a medium to the large-sized tree. It is known for producing vibrantly colored flowers and budding small cerulean colored fruit, it stands hardy throughout the fall and winter seasons, and blooms beautifully during the spring and summer. Producing a sweet, citrus smell, this fragrant tree is a beautiful addition to anyone's landscaping project or backyard oasis. The sassafras tree is highly revered in Native American and Asian cultures and has been utilized for making herbal teas, medicinal oils, and fragrant perfumes. 

Sassafras Live Stakes can grow to be up to 70 feet and last lifetimes.

When building a garden, looking for sturdy, attractive plants are at the top of the list. The Sassafras tree is one of North America’s most popular and captivating additions to many yards and gardens. Starting with some simple Sassafras live stakes, which are tip ends of branches cut from directly from grown trees. One of the most noted features of this tree is its pleasant aroma that brings in butterflies from miles around. Once planted, the Sassafras live stakes will bloom into a shrub with mitten-shaped leaves, eventually growing into a full tree. Hardy throughout the fall and winter, the tree blooms through the spring and summer. In fall, the foliage turns to deep hues of yellow, deep orange, scarlet and purple with tiny dark blue berries that will attract birds as well. Sometimes called the “root beer tree” for the unique flavor the citrus-scented leaves produce, these can be made into a tea or a flavoring for old-fashioned candies and even perfumes. New live stakes can be taken from the original tree and be used to expand further to add new trees to gardens and yards as well.

Sassafras Live Stake is considered to be pest free, and sturdy.


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Sassafras Live Stakes