Sandbar Willow Live Stakes

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Sandbar Willow Live Stakes - Salix Interior

Sandbar Willow Live Stakes is also referred to as, Salix Interior. It is a beautiful tree with graceful flowing branches. This tree is a moderate grower and will take a quite a few years to reach its full growth potential. If you are looking for a natural privacy source, this tree is an excellent choice.

Known for growing thick long branches that are covered with small, green blade-like leaves, this tree is ideal for providing privacy. This plant is an excellent choice for producing a natural privacy barrier because the roots are strong and the limbs grow upward in a dense manner. Its limbs appear to be long and dropping like other willows. Younger trees bark will look smooth and grey. As it ages, the Sandbar Willow Live Stakes bark may start to flake off. In the springtime, the tree blooms with small blooms called catkins. Wind and animals are the most common form of pollination for the Sandbar Willow Live Stakes.

This tree requires heavy watering to keep it happy and healthy. It prefers to be grown near a water source to help keep up with its demands for water. It thrives in sandy soils, usually where other plants do not. It prefers a ph level of 5 or 6 and grows best in USDA climates 3-9.

At full maturity, this tree will reach heights up to 30 feet and widths as wide as 25 feet. The canopy can be an excellent source of shade. It prefers to be grown in full sunlight and sandy soil but will tolerate other soil types. It is also an excellent choice for wetlands as it can endure areas that flood occasionally. Animals that inhabit wetlands love the food source and shelter that the Sandbar Willow Live Stakes provides.