Catchfly is a major pollinator attractant, pulling in bees, butterflies, and even hummingbirds for its nectar. Catchfly is a beautiful flower that blooms bright red, uniquely shaped blooms. This plant can be known for its ability to catch annoying insects like flies within the sticky nectar that occasionally oozes out of the flower.

Royal Catchfly Plant

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Royal Catchfly Plant - Silene Regia

Royal Catchfly Plant has bright red, star-shaped flowers that bloom from June to August. The unbranched stems are covered in white, sticky hairs that trap insects. These slow-growing plants are endangered in many states but work best in zones 4-9 with well-drained sandy soil or gravel in full sun.

Royal Catchfly Plant can reach a height of 24”-36” and are often used as a border or in butterfly gardens.

The Royal Catchfly plant also knows as the silene viscaria, Red German catchfly, and Clammy Campion is a sticky catchfly plant which is initially a plant that favors rough outcrops, edge inclines, dry slopes and sandy glades. The family of this plant is the color of pink also known as the Caryophyllaceae. It has unmistakably made utilization of human movement by spreading to pastures and sunny roadsides. The Silene viscaria can also deal with long stretches of the dry season since its taproot sinks up to a meter into the ground (a run of the mill xerophyte).

Royal Catchfly Plant is best known however for the ruddy dark colored sticky substance that covers the upper piece of the stem and which has given the plant its reasonable and logical names. Perennial herb is the growing form of the Silene vicarious. It is suspected that the emission is the plant's method for thwarting predators, particularly ants who attempt to climb the stem and push their way into the bloom. The verification of the proficiency of this framework can regularly be witnesses for oneself: aside from a wide range of trash, numerous sorts of both winged and wingless creepy crawlies can be discovered adhered to the stem.

If the Royal Catchfly is picked for the bloom vase, the targets everywhere throughout the picker's hands.

Now and then a pink-blossomed variant can be discovered which secretes no fluid by any means. Its littler relative snow capped catchfly is (S. Alpina) emits no tar by any stretch of the imagination or practically nothing.

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Royal Catchfly Plant