Round Lobed Hepatica

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Botanical Latin Name: Hepatica nobilis var. obtusa Common Name: Round-lobed Hepatica Sun Exposure: Sun or Shade Hardiness Zones: Conifer Forests Mature Height: 4-6 inches Spread: 3/4 inch across Spacing: 12 inches Growth Rate: Perennial Flowe

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Round Lobed Hepatica

Botanical Latin Name: Hepatica nobilis var. obtusa 
Common Name: Round-lobed Hepatica 
Sun Exposure: Sun or Shade 
Hardiness Zones: Conifer Forests 
Mature Height: 4-6 inches 
Spread: 3/4 inch across 
Spacing: 12 inches 
Growth Rate: Perennial 
Flowering Time: 3 Months 
How Long It Flowers: March to May 
Flower Color: white, blue, or pink 
Soil Requirements: Damp to dry 
Pruning: None 
Flower Form: 
The Round Lobed Hepatica (Anemone Americana) or Hepatica nobilis var. obtuse, is found natively throughout the Eastern half of the United States and Eurasia. Natural to coniferous and deciduous rocky forests, the Round Loped Hepatica grows for three short months from March to May, and flowers during that period. The flowers are variegated white, blue and pink. Bees, butterflies, beetles, flies, and moths all serve to fertilize the plant at a great distance. Also known for its ability to grow in alkaline limestone soils, the Round Lobed Hepatica can grow in a range of conditions and is spotted in clay substrates, shady woodlands as well as in sunny grassland biospheres. Tolerant of snowy conditions, the moisture of this sort is necessary for the plant to thrive. Previously used as a medicinal herb for liver disorders, Round Loped Hepatica is still thought to be an effective diuretic, astringent and injury soothing a demulcent in small doses. The plant is otherwise poisonous.
Round Lobed Hepatica

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