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 Roses Are A Great Option

Roses Are A Great Option

Posted by Tammy Sons on Dec 31 , 1969

Roses are possibly the most exquisite and loved flowers  and People love to plant them in their home gardens for its beauty and pleasing fragrance. 

They are very diverse flowers and have been cultivated for many centuries. People have been growing them commercially as well for various reasons.

Roses are woody perennial plants that have many varieties. They can be planted as shrubs, climbers, ground covers or trailing plants. 

The hybrid varieties are fairly popular for their fragrance and beauty. Roses make a beautiful addition to any garden, and you can also grow them. Choose from the various varieties available in the market and prepare the site for planting. Roses can be grown from small plants or even root balls. It is best to plant them in the spring season as soon as you can start working on the soil. This way the plants will have more time to grow and mature under favorable climatic conditions.

Roses should be planted in a well-drained loamy soil that receives a good amount of sunlight. These conditions will allow them to thrive well. During the growth period, they will need a lot of water, care, and nourishment. Organic matter, fertilizers, and compost should be added to the soil to make it more rich and apt for the rose plants.

Roses need a lot of maintenance and care throughout their lifespan. They need regular pruning during the growth period, and most of the branches should be pruned leaving only three main stems. Rest of the plant should be pruned so that it grows and become healthy to bear beautiful flowers in the coming seasons. Remove all the dead and damaged leaves or branches from the plant as the disease tends to spread to other parts. Roses are susceptible to various bacterial and fungal diseases, so it is advisable to plant disease-resistant varieties if possible. Disease resistant varieties also need less maintenance as compared to the other ones.

You can find many different rose varieties in nurseries. Try growing these beautiful plants in your garden, and you will feel thoroughly satisfied by looking at the plants in bloom.

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