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Riverbank Wild Rye - 25 Plants $89.99 Description

Riverbank Wild Rye 

Riverbank Wild Rye - Elymus riparius - is a stunning water garden plant that blossoms in July and may grow over six feet tall in the right conditions. Its elegant movement in the wind is a visual treat for the senses.

This plant is native to the eastern portion of the United States. It occurs as a tall, perennial bunchgrass. This wild grass can grow to roughly five feet by the end of summer, producing long, thin, deep green foliage and bushy seed heads. It is a graminoid that grows year after year. This plant's most active growth phase is between spring to summer, while its leaves do not persist on the plant from year to year.

As its name suggests, It is a wild plant species that grows mostly along river bottoms and bank margins. This plant's water supply is ideal since it thrives in moist conditions.

For this reason, it is an ideal plant for water gardens. With just one glimpse at this plant, one can imagine how elegant it must be; given the rhythm it creates even in the faintest of breezes.

Riverbank Wild Rye prefers wet soil alongside having a sand or clay base

The plant requires little care and creates a beautiful breezy atmosphere in your yard or terrace area. The plant remains effective throughout the seasons of summertime and springtime and can stand firm regardless of the roughest of winds and temperatures. The plant is also beneficial to the other plants in its immediate vicinity since it helps manage the moisture conditions in the soil it is growing. If you're looking for this plant in the wild, you'll probably find it in wetlands or shorelines within woody regions.

It prefers wet soil alongside a sand or clay base and partial shade from the sun. As a result, it is quite a fantastic choice for erosion prevention, land reclamation, and soil enhancement applications. It produces potent seeds with excellent reseeding potential, and as a result, it establishes itself quickly. The flowering phase lasts around 1–2 weeks and occurs mid to late summer.

The wind pollinates the florets, resulting in more flowers. Even though the seeds are not numerous, they perform a fantastic job of self-seeding and assisting in establishing new populations along the riverside. Added benefits include being deer resistant and providing excellent nutrition and nesting resources for songbirds and ducks. 

This plant's tall, beautifully curving seed heads make it an excellent choice for usage in garden boundaries, native plant gardens, forest edge plantings, and wildlife habitat seed mixes, among other applications.

As with other plants, being a cool-season grass, it thrives in the colder spring and autumn months while blossoming and becoming dormant in the warmer summer.

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    Riverbank Wild Rye

    Posted by Eddie Hall on Aug 27, 2019

    The shipping was fast and the packaging was great.

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    Riverbank Wild Rye

    Posted by Isaiah Stark on Aug 22, 2019

    this looks great out in the back yard

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    Riverbank Wild Rye

    Posted by Sahe Hudosn on Aug 22, 2019

    this stuff is amazing


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