Re-flexed Sedge

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    Re-flexed Sedge

    Posted by Brenda Scissom on 27th Aug 2019

    The shipping was fast and the packaging was great.

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    ReFlexed Sedge

    Posted by Wade Bedwell on 22nd Aug 2019

    this looks great in my rock garden

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Reflexed Sedge - Carex Retroflexa  For Sale Affordable, Grower Direct Prices Tennessee Wholesale Nursery

Re-flexed Sedge, is a family of perennial plants resembling grasses and rushes. The Reflexed Sedge resembles tall, green field grass that grows in a contained area. Reflexed Sedge grows 4 to 20 inches tall. Reflexed Sedge are native to North America, particularly the Midwest and east side of the United States. Add them to landscaping for color, texture, and movement amongst flowers or bushes. Reflexed Sedge is drought resistant and grow in either full sun or shade and require little maintenance. Cool zones should plant in the sun while warmer areas should look for areas of shade.

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Care for the Reflex Sedge is reasonably minimal. Fertilizer is not usually necessary, as they are hardy on their own. They are easy to transplant, so if they start to overtake an area, they can quickly be moved to a different location. Cutting the seed heads off in early spring before it reseeds can stop unwanted spreading. The seeds are feed for many types of birds who also like to use its foliage for nesting. This plant can be trimmed when needed or left alone for a more wild look.\Reflexed Sedge can also be used as turf instead of grass. Reflexed Sedge gives lawns a more meadow type look and cuts down on weeds and the frequent need to mow.Reflexed Sedge is also easier to control than grass, so planting an intentional design or border is simple. Whether adding a few Reflexed Sedge plants or a yard full, this plant is an excellent addition to any landscape.

Affordable Reflexed Sedge For Every Landscape

Reflexed Sedge 

Carex Retroflexa or Reflexed Sedge is a wild, perennial sedge plant with herby-grasslike stems. It grows in mounds with wandering rhizomes stems to help it spread and cover more area. 

 It is often found in dry, deciduous forests, thickets and grows natively throughout mid to eastern North America. 

 Like most sedge varieties, Reflexed Sedge grows in grassy mounds about six inches tall and up to 18 inches wide. 

 It flowers inconspicuously in small spikes of brown and green coneflowers. 

 Reflexed sedge thrives in dry-mesic habitats and likes dry, rocky soil or sandstone. 

 Tolerant of light-foot traffic, Reflexed Sedge often used as a "no-mow" or "no trim" alternative to grass or borders for long-lasting low-maintenance. 

 When grown in clumps, the plant provides moderate ground cover and can fan out to a dense, grassy coverage. 

 This sedge grows with an underlying thick herbal layer and long grassy shoots. 

 Reflexed sedge propagates easily by division once a plant has formed a mature clump; be sure to trim away any dead leaves before planting new divisions. 

 The ornamental element of this tufted plant makes it a great addition to gardens and walkways, and it's durability promises lasting evergreen color with little to no maintenance.

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