Reflexed Sedge-6-12"

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Latin Name-Carex Retroflexa Hardy Zone- 5-9 Mature Height- 2-4ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun
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Reflexed Sedge- Carex Retroflexa 

The Cyperaceae, also known as Sedge, is a family of perennial plants resembling grasses and rushes. The Reflexed Sedge resembles tall, green field grass that grows in a contained area. They are native to North America, particularly the Midwest and east side of the United States. Add them to landscaping for color, texture, and movement amongst flowers or bushes. They are drought resistant and grow in either full sun or shade and require little maintenance. Cool zones should plant in the sun while warmer areas should look for areas of shade. They thrive in either dry or moist soil which makes this a great addition to a gardener of any experience level. The Reflex Sedge tends to crowd out weeds and garden evaders, so it's often a sought after plant for landscaping. Care for the Reflex Sedge is reasonably minimal. Fertilizer is not usually necessary, as they are hardy on their own. They are easy to transplant, so if they start to overtake an area, they can quickly be moved to a different location. Cutting the seed heads off in early spring before it reseeds can stop unwanted spreading. The seeds are feed for many types of birds who also like to use its foliage for nesting. This plant can be trimmed when needed or left alone for a more wild look.\Reflexed Sedge can also be used as turf instead of grass. This gives lawns a more meadow type look and cuts down on weeds and the frequent need to mow. Reflexed Sedge is also easier to control than grass, so planting an intentional design or border is simple. Whether adding a few Reflexed Sedge plants or a yard full, this plant is an excellent addition to any landscape.


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