Redbud Seedlings

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Latin Name- Cercis Canadensis Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 20- 30 ft Width- 20-25 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Redbud Seedlings

The Redbud Tree is named because of the pinkish/purple blooms which are full during April. The tree requires full sun or partial shade. The form of the tree is rounded. It is also known as an Eastern redbud because it is grown mostly in the eastern United States.

Redbud Seedlings is a beautiful tree to plant near businesses and homes. It's gorgeous magenta/purple blooms are what make this tree a favorite. There is very little care required after the initial planting and watering. The tree also has beautiful, heart-shaped, green leaves when the blooms have fallen off. In the fall the green leaves turn to a yellow color. The tree is gorgeous all year long.

Once the tree has been planted, it will require little care, such as watering but before long the tree will have established an excellent root system and will begin watering itself. The Soil for the tree to be planted in should be moist. Plant the tree approximately 12 feet from any other trees. Because the tree has a small, somewhat short trunk, the problem with power lines, does not exist. There usually isn't a problem with this. Planting the tree in the partly shady area should also work well for this particular tree.

Redbud Seedlings is commonly planted around homes for the beauty of it.

Homeowners use it for decoration to their home. The beauty of the tree and the natural care it requires are two significant features of this type of tree. The trees are usually planted in the fall, but it is now also common to plant them in the spring. If planted in the fall, the tree will have all winter to get a good root system established. The Redbud tree can be found in many of the states within the United States. Mostly it is grown in the eastern United States and extends as far west as Kansas, Texas, and even Oklahoma.

Redbud Seedlings



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