They do good when grown in drained soil conditions.  They supply beautiful color in the spring as the leaves are a gorgeous green and in the autumn as the foliage begin to change to orange and red in color.  They create outstanding shade trees to enjoy and are very strong and durable trees.

Red Oak Tree Seedlings

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November 1st Through April 15th

Full Sun


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Red Oak Tree Seedlings

Once the specific soil has been prepared, the red oak seedling will thrive and produce a healthy oak tree. The graceful shape of this tree is always loved by homeowners. Hence they would like to have this tree in their backyard. The city planners love to sow a red oak seedling as it has long tap roots. This means that the sidewalks will not be disturbed in any way. The hardwood of an oak tree is always in demand by the lumber industry. Hence an oak tree is providing something for everyone.

Red Oak Tree Seedlings are deciduous hardwood trees. During the fall, it is nice to watch the oaks losing their leaves. It appears like a shower of scarlet as well as brown creating a pretty picture. Besides, the oaks tend to produce acorns at this time. These can be collected and used to generate new oak trees. Or else people take this home to use as decoration items. These oak trees can live for a long time, even hundreds of years.

Red Oak Tree Seedlings soar up and reach nearly thirty or more feet in height.

This means that pruning is not required. Hence they get a pretty shape but without any efforts that may be expected from those who are nurturing it! Red Oak makes an excellent shade tree for the backyard. When you have picnics or barbecues, you have plenty of shade. It tolerates almost any type of soil. This means acidic, dry, clay, sandy, well drained, and loamy. The leaves turn red in the fall making this tree a real show stopper.

Red Oak Tree Seedlings acorns are great for feeding birds like the bluejay. Animals like wild turkey, squirrels, and whitetail deer eat the acorns too. For nature lovers, this is the perfect tree to have in the backyard. This tree grows primarily in the northwestern US. The ideal soil for growing this tree is moist, fertile soils. The leaves contain tannin a chemical that makes them stay on the tree longer and not decompose quickly. The leaves may remain on the tree until late fall. It is the state tree for New Jersey. This tree can live up to 500 years old. The wood is used for making furniture and for the interior of homes when building.

Red Oak Tree Seedlings has to be treated to be used.

It is used for firewood, floors and fence posts. This tree is one of the most used oaks for timber in the United States. Businesses like golf courses use this tree for shade. It can be found on college campuses, corporate parks, and college campuses. When planted in forest and parks it provides shelter for birds and animals. The acorns of the oak tree were once a food source for Native Americans. The bark was used as a medicine. When you plant the red oak tree talk with your garden center for advice. Select a location with plenty of room and dig a hole twice as wide and deep as the root ball. Remove any covering and put in the hole. Add compost to the soil you removed then fill in making sure land is well packed down. You can use your shovel for this. Water well and spread the mulch around the base. Water the tree weekly during the warmer weather.