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Red Dogwood Tree

Red Dogwood Tree
The red flowering dogwood tree is native to eastern North America, ranging from Maine to Florida and west into parts of Oklahoma and Texas. The Red Dogwood is a select cultivar of the dogwood tree and has flowers that border on true red. The Red Dogwood's flowers are very distinct, consisting of 4 colored bracts and a central flower cluster. It can reach heights of 33 feet, but averages about 16ft by age 10. Dogwoods are often found on ridges or the edges of large forested areas. The dogwood's name comes from the practice of using extracts from parts of the tree to treat dogs with mange. 
Red Dogwood
Climate Zone: 5 to 9
Mature Height: 16 to 33 feet
Mature Width: 1ft (30cm)
Sunlight: full sun
Soil Conditions: various soils
Botanical Name: Cornus florida 'Rubra.'