Purple Rose Of Sharon

Purple Rose Of Sharon

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Latin Name- Hibiscus Syriacus Hardy Planting Zone- 5-10 Mature Height- 8-12 ft Width- 4-10 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun OR Partial Shade

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 Purple Hibiscus Rose Of Sharon

Purple  Rose Of Sharon Hibiscus shrub is a vibrant and fantastical plant that can bring sophistication to any garden. The flowering plant boasts dynamic blooms in deep Hughes of purple, ranging from a majestic royal purple to a delicate periwinkle, as well as bright shades of red that blend into graceful pink. Purple Hibiscus blossoms are framed by the shiny green leaves that fan from the stems offering the perfect complimentary backdrop for each bloom. This would be a plant that would be a significant companion to a mature garden, blending peacefully with other plants while providing a warm splash of intriguing color and complex beauty. This flower shows its brightest colors in the heat of summer, when spending long days in the garden is ideal. It requires nearly no upkeep and can flourish in almost any area making it perfect for novice and professional gardeners alike. It has a narrow column shape that gives it a naturally clean and structural effect and never overcrowds it's flowering neighbors. The purple rose of Sharon has an elegant and refined quality that is easily enjoyable in the relaxing presence of any garden. The Purple Hibiscus Rose Of Sharon is a flowering plant that is native to the country of India and throughout most of Asia. Its scientific name is Hibiscus Rose Of Sharon syriacus, but in North America, it is instead called the Purple Hibiscus. The Purple Hibiscus is a deciduous shrub that can grow in most climates and adverse growing conditions. The Purple Hibiscus will thrive happily in drought-prone or heavily polluted areas. During the summer, this shrub will bloom beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers that have yellow-tipped stamens. The flowers themselves are usually pink in color, but other color variations include purple, white, and light pink. The flowers, once bloomed, only last for a day, but the shrub continuously sprouts new buds which mature and blossom into fresh flowers.



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Purple Hibiscus