Purple Phacelia

Purple Phacelia

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All About Purple Phacelia

Purple Phacelia (Phacelia bipinnatifida) is a biennial plant that blooms mid-spring and is known for its gorgeous lavender flowers. This particular plant is known for blooming large quantities of flowers which can span over expansive areas in order to fill in space. The leaves alone grow up to five inches big during the first season, and 12-15 inches the following season. The purple flowers that bloom last approximately one month, but the green foliage stays far beyond this time frame. The flowers tend to show themselves around the middle of spring, so planting in the beginning months may be a good idea. Purple phacelia isn't a very well-known biennial, but people tend to fall in love once they experience its adaptable and eye-catching nature.

Purple Phacelia is best to plant purple phacelia in an area that has either full shade or partial shade.


Partial shade is the preferred option, but full shade will do just as well. When purchasing a soil variety, try to be on the look out for soils that have average to high moisture levels to induce the best growth rate. The soil should be a brand that is acidic in order for it to grow to its full potential. One of the great benefits of purple phacelia is how it continuously spreads its seeds around, providing you with small seedlings in seasons to come. The low maintenance requirements paired with its gorgeous appearance make purple phacelia a great choice for any home or commercial garden.

Purple Phacelia is a great one to choose when creating a beautiful groundcover for a natural area or another place on a lawn. They grow in climate zones three through nine and thrive in moist and average soil conditions. They love being in areas that offer full shade and partial shade, so they grow great in wooded areas. These plants bloom in the middle of spring and show off their gorgeous lavender blooms. This plant is also great to attract bees to a location.

Purple Phacelia


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