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Purple/Lavender flowers add a sense of romance and mystery to a garden

They're the color of faeries and fantasy, royalty and emotion. If your plant bed needs a little magic or an extra touch of wonder, purple blooms may be just the element you're looking for.

Purple/Lavender Crepe Myrtle is an awesome example of a beautiful purple blooming tree

The purple crepe myrtle tree looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. These short trees don't usually stand much higher than 4 feet tall, with several thin, sleek trunks extending into large, leafy foliage. Crape myrtle trees bloom in the summertime; the leaves fill up with beautiful purple blossoms that, upon close inspection, are composed of tiny violet flowers. Myrtles need direct sunlight, and won't bloom appropriately if they are in too much shade; this makes them an ideal centerpiece for any landscaping design.

Purple/Lavender blooming plants have stunning flowers and foliage

Purple Violets

Purple violets are a member of the violet family that blooms in a right shade of purple. This classic archetype of a flower has five delicate purple petals surrounding a few white or yellow stamens in the center. The plants hug close to the ground and are a lovely way to fill out a flower bed. Violets bloom in the spring; they can be planted at nearly any part of the season but may need to be started indoors to ensure an early bloom.

Geranium Plants

Geraniums are favorite, easy to care for flowering plant that comes in a variety of different colors, including multiple shades of purple. The bright clusters of flowers look stunning against their lush, leafy backdrop. Geranium plants prefer direct light but do fine with moderate sunlight; this makes them a common choice for both flower beds and hanging baskets. These plants bloom for the entire season, from spring to fall; the blooms may even last into winter if the plant is kept warm.