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Friday, August 26

Plants growing in your garden have a danger of being attacked by insects and pests.

It is essential to keep constant vigilance and take the necessary steps to eliminate harmful pests and insects.

These pests and insects can also spread plant diseases while moving from one plant to the other. However, keeping on the watch can turn out to be very useful to protect your plants from these dangerous predators.

Using specific techniques could save your plants from insects and pests to a certain level. Prevention, supervision, and intervention whenever required are the key factors that can help immensely. As a gardener, you should know about the acceptable pest level. It is almost impossible to get rid of pests entirely because doing so may not be economically viable and may not be safe for the environment. You should permanently remove the plants infected by harmful diseases and try using locally grown plants. You can also monitor plants by inspecting and identifying pests in your garden. It is essential to intervene by using the mechanical approach of using tools like traps for rats, handpicking, or by using shovels for digging insects out where they breed. This kind of method is also known as Integrated Pest Management, and it is widely used. It is an ecological approach to reducing pests and insects up to an acceptable extent.

Apart from insects and pests, other larger animals may try to enter the garden and ruin your plants. The best way to get rid of animals is using a fence, barbed wires, or gauge field fence, which can be purchased from hardware shops or garden shops. These are some of the ways that can help protect your plants and keep them safe.

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