Worm Castings 1 Gallon - Improves Vibrance and Growth 88%

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Worm Castings - Naturally Increase Garden Growth and Health

Worm Castings:Experienced gardeners know that no healthier natural fertilizer exists than worm castings. TN Nursery can provide your fertilizer needs with our one-gallon bags of worm castings from our central Tennessee site.

Our customers get such tremendous results with eart worm castings that they order it repeatedly. We are currently harvesting, packing, and shipping out two hundred gallons a day--fresh on demand. TN Nursery understands as a grower what it takes for plants to put on those much-needed fiber roots and how to get striking big and bodacious blooms on plants! It's not with those artificial fertilizers; use all-natural worm castings! It's fantastic and outrageous! And we guarantee it. We use worm castings around our plant's roots when we ship them. Customers have called us back in amazement. They will put on fiber roots before getting from our warehouse in Tennessee to their destination. Dennis, the owner of TN Nursery, says, "If anyone wants to try something utterly unique and will supersede anything you've ever tried, use worm castings.

What Are Worm Castings?

In one word: Poop.

Worms dine on the microbes put off in decaying food waste. Their excrement contains potent doses of minerals, nutrients, and healthy microbes. And talk about plant growth without the added unnecessary and nonorganic fertilizers the soil can not tolerate; this will do the trick. Worm castings are utterly unique, and don't ever worry about buying chemicals; this will do everything you will ever need for your plants. Hanging baskets, containers, window planters, trees, shrubs, mosses, perennials. You name it, which will enhance whatever is growing in the universe. Without any chemicals or fertilizers, this product will supersede anything you've ever tried. We are so impressed with worm castings we double our standard guarantee. Why? Because we know once you try this, you will be back for more and more and more.

Benefits of Using Worm Castings to Fertilize Your Garden

Here are some excellent reasons why TN Nursery customers love adding this nutrient-dense material to their gardens:

Increased water retention:

Worm castings retain hydration better than potting mediums or dirt. When you mix in this matter, you will conserve water for better plant health.

Safer than manure: Many gardeners want natural fertilizers, but mammal manure can be imbalanced, sometimes with too much nitrogen. On the other hand, a few worm castings go a long way without the risk of damage.

Double your plant size:

Worm castings are the best fertilizer for the job if you want more considerable, lusher, and profuse growth.

Improve soil aeration:

Worm castings have a looser molecular structure than your ground soil. Working it into the earth can aerate the garden and reduce soil compaction.

More productive vegetables and herbs:

If you grow your foods and herbs, worm castings can increase your crop yield by up to 25%. That makes an enormous difference throughout a whole growing season.

Brighter, more enormous blossoms:

When you opt for worm castings, your flowers will have a fuller appearance with bigger, brighter blooms.

Increase plant health:

Worm castings strengthen plants, making them resilient against disease, insect infestations, and harsh weather conditions.

Order a Gallon of Worm Castings From TN Nursery Today

Better yet, order two! Once you see how much this healthy fertilizer improves your flowers, herbs, trees, and vegetables, you will wish you had more! Order today.

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