Chestnut Oak Seedlings - 6-18" Package of 100

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Chestnut Oak Seedlings

Chestnut Oak Seedlings: Quercus michauxii (formerly Quercus prinus), the chestnut oak tree, is a hardy deciduous tree native to the Mississippi Valley region of the United States. It thrives in the rich river plains, near swamps, and the moist woodlands along coastal plains.

Chestnut oak seedlings mature into a hardy mature tree--drought-tolerant, heat-tolerant, deer-resistant, and disease-resistant.

You might also hear some gardeners call chestnut oak seedlings by other names: 

  • Basket Oak
  • Cow Oak
  • Michaux Oak
  • Swamp Chestnut Oak 

TN Nursery suggests the chestnut oak tree for any customer who needs a tree that will thrive in a slower-draining area. 

Chestnut Oak Seedlings Are Easy to Grow 

Chestnut oak seedlings require a little care at the outset--but as the tree matures, it becomes a carefree species.

Chesnut oak seedlings require a home in the full sunshine with plenty of growing room--this tree can grow as tall as eighty feet. They also need at least an inch of water each week, and you must provide plenty of fertile organic materials like mulch and leaf litter. 

Once strengthened, your chestnut oak seedlings will need less hands-on care.

Chestnut Oak Seedlings Will Become a Refuge for Local Wildlife 

As it grows taller and displays a larger canopy, chestnut oaks will develop sturdy branches and foliage that will serve as a safe place for birds to nest and raise their fledglings. It will attract bees that will pollinate your garden and keep it healthy and resilient. Squirrels and deer will graze on the acorns that drop to the ground.

Chestnut Oak Seedlings Develop Into an Attractive Tree 

As you look at tiny chestnut oak seedlings, it might be hard to visualize what the grown tree might look like in the future.

Chesnut oak trees reach a maximum height of eighty feet tall and have a loosely rounded crown. The leaves are dark green, velvety, lobed, and smooth. In the fall, they will turn orange or fiery red.

Order Your Chestnut Oak Seedlings From TN Nursery Today 

TN Nursery recommends chestnut oak seedlings for soil that drains on the slow side, often retaining moisture. Please order yours today.

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