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Privacy Trees

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When it comes to securing privacy for your family or employees, you can’t beat large evergreen privacy trees. They’re much more attractive than a wall or fence and they’re much cheaper too. Conifers are a popular choice for privacy screens with good reason — they’re hardy, beautiful trees that lend a classic look to any landscape.

If you’re looking to buy large privacy trees to provide privacy in your green space, look no further than the varieties on this page.

Large Privacy Trees

screen out prying eyes from a one- or two-story building? Any of our large conifers would be a great option as each grows to over 20 feet at maturity so they grow as tall as a two-story building. And instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on fencing to do the job, by buying a few of these conifers you’ll instead be paying just $17.99 for two mature, 2-3 foot trees (or you can pay $0.89 for short leaf pine seedlings).

How do we manage to offer such low prices? We grow most of our conifers on our 3500+ acres of prime nursery growing land. That means we can cut out the middle man and pass low grower prices directly to the public, even on mature 2-4 foot specimens. And if you want five or more of the same large, privacy conifer variety, we offer awesome bulk discounts.

Large Privacy Trees are often used as Christmas Trees

Pro tip:

If you need a high level of privacy, choose dense evergreen conifers. If you just want to deter casual observers, you might prefer a more open conifer variety.

So if you want to grab a fantastic deal on a privacy tree, all our large privacy conifers will deter nosy neighbors for a super low initial investment.

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