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Prairie Dropseed - 25 Plants $79.99 Description

Prairie Dropseed 

Prairie Dropseed - Sporobolus heterolepis - is one of the most beautiful species, giving every garden a sophistication touch. This plant is a perennial, bunchgrass, warm-season plant that belongs to the Poaceae family. It is native to Northern America and Southern Canada. This grass is typically found in meadows, open ground, and railroads. The term 'Dropseed' comes from the tiny round mature seeds falling to the ground from their hulls in the fall. It is a well-known grass for its bright green, finely textured spikes. It has a fountain-like appearance that grows in dense tufts that gently curve outward to the ground as they mature. It has a glossy green color in summer that becomes bright orange in late autumn and then fades to a mild copper color.

Its pink or brown tint flowers develop in late summer on slender stems that reach high above the leaf cluster. It is a slow-growing plant that may reach 2 to 3 feet while spreading up to 2 to 3 feet wide. It grows best when it receives direct sunlight but may also thrive in partial shade. It is tolerable to various sorts of soil conditions. It prefers dry, rocky, well-drained soil; however, it performs well in heavy clay.

It is a drought-tolerant plant. It is an easy-to-grow plant that doesn't require much care other than removing the old leaves when spring arrives before the new growth begins to emerge. It possesses a fibrous and rhizomatous root system. This grass may spread through self-reseeding. 

Prairie Dropseed seeds also provide a source of food for local birds

Prairie Dropseed is particularly noteworthy for the aroma emerging from its blossoms which is unique for the grass of this kind. Its scent is close to coriander, licorice, popcorn, toasted almonds, or sunflower seeds. This grass is a vital aspect of any pollinator garden because it provides a nesting site for the native bees and other insects. Besides that, its seeds also provide a source of food for local birds. It is a versatile plant with a lot to offer in terms of landscape.

You may use it in a perennial bed, in a wildlife garden, in a meadow-style garden, in mass plantings, or as a mix with other native plants such as purple coneflower and small goldenrods, Laities, and blackeyed Susan. It is an excellent idea to add it to rain gardens since it helps in erosion control. You may also use it as a ground cover, a distinctive border, or an accent specimen plant. It is ornamental grass that is beautiful and durable. Native Americans grind the grass seeds to produce flour.

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    Posted by Elijah Mitchell on Jan 09, 2022

    Thank you TN nursery for this varieties. I have actually made a good landscaped in my vacant plot. This looks good around with my mosses.

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    Posted by Elijah on Jan 08, 2022

    I maintain grasses that are absolutely useful to the ecosystem. These grasses can be accessed at TN nursery and no other else. I had a great time selecting good varieties at TN nursery's website. . Many thanks.


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