Prairie Dropseed - 25 Plants $79.99

Prairie Dropseed - 25 Plants $79.99

Sun And Shade
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Under 3 Feet
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5-7 Days
Planting Zones 3-9
Flower Beds, Gardens, Erosion, Landscaping

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Prairie Dropseed (Sporobolus heterolepis)


Prairie Dropseed: Sporobolus heterolepis, or prairie dropseed, is a beautiful, sophisticated ornamental grass species native to North America. It will grow well in almost all USDA plant hardiness zones in the contiguous United States. This warm-season grass prefers a home in mixed sun and shade or full sunshine.


The prairie dropseed takes its name from two things. It is first an homage to the plant's original home, the North American prairies. It next refers to the tiny, round seed which matures in a pod, breaks open, and then drops to the ground for self-seeding.


Prairie Dropseed Is a Good-Natured Ornamental Grass


Prairie Dropseed is an easy-going species, happy in almost any soil texture. It only asks the gardener to de-compact the soil and mix in peat moss, leaf litter, or mulch to loosen up clay or denser soils. 


It likes to receive about an inch or so of weekly water, but it does not like wet feet or standing water. Please give it a quickly-draining location in your garden for the best results. The roots are sturdy and fibrous, which can help protect the area against erosion.


It is a lovely addition for many different landscape applications, including these:


  •      Mass plantings
  •      Garden border (in the middle row)
  •      Foundation plantings
  •      Shade garden
  •      Native species garden
  •      Urban garden
  •      Rock garden
  •      Pollinator garden


It's extraordinarily agreeable and willing to stand alone as an accent plant or in a large colony to create a focal point.


The Lovely Texture and Good Looks of Prairie Dropseed


The leaves of Sporobolus heterolepis are long, delicate, and slender--almost resembling a thick head of hair. Each leaf can grow almost three feet long and then spill over in a water fountain effect. The clumps are no more than about two feet wide. The flowers grow on slender spikes, are brown, and display delicate tiny seed pods.


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    Posted by Elijah Mitchell on Jan 09, 2022

    Thank you TN nursery for this varieties. I have actually made a good landscaped in my vacant plot. This looks good around with my mosses.

  • 5

    Posted by Elijah on Jan 08, 2022

    I maintain grasses that are absolutely useful to the ecosystem. These grasses can be accessed at TN nursery and no other else. I had a great time selecting good varieties at TN nursery's website. . Many thanks.

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