Possum Haw Seedlings

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Latin Name- Morton Arboretum Hardy Zone- 5-8 Mature Height- 15-20ft Width- 15-25ft Sun Or Shade- Full Sun

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Possum Haw Seedlings - Llex Verticillata.

The Possum Haw Seedlings is a small perennial tree or shrub that grows, with twiggy, gray branches. Glossy oval-shaped leaves that continue to be green through autumn before finally turning yellow. The possumhaw blooms between March, April, and May and is especially striking in the winter, with its many, small, red berries that some mammals and birds love. This is the perfect tree to attracted songbirds and game-birds for all the bird lovers. When cultivating, it's important to consider that only the female tree produces berries and there must be a male tree close by for that to happen. Thankfully, the tree is relatively low maintenance requiring a medium amount of water, thriving when watered immediately after planting roughly every 2-3 weeks. Avoid planting possumhaw where the soil becomes highly saturated, or the roots may rot. As well Enjoying some sun but also part shade, if possible, plant this tree under other trees to give it the best of both worlds. Additionally, the tree is relatively resilient to a wide range of soils as long as it is kept moist along with being tolerant to heat and cold temperatures you can't go too wrong where ever you decide to plant it.

Possum Haw Seedlings 

Conclusively, the possumhaw is an excellent choice for adding accent to any yard, the berries attract various birds, and it produces some interesting foliage too appreciate. In the winter the seeds continue to cover the tree and make for a beautiful display, especially around Christmas. Also, being commercially available it will not be hard to get your hands on regardless of whether you want to start from seeds or a transplant. If all of that sounds good to you, then get your hands dirty and buy some seeds or get one transplanted. You won't be disappointed.

Possum Haw Seedlings


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