Possom Haw Holly

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Possumhaw holly - Ilex decidua

The Possum haw holly is a small deciduous tree, also commonly known as a shrub. They can grow to be 15-30 ft tall with pale grey horizontal branches. They stem out glossy oval green leaves with gentle bundles of white blossoms to enjoy in the spring months which later add to the traditional feeling of fall with it’s crimson red berries. This tree is a lovely sight in the fall months when it’s leaves transform from a dark green to a bright orange and eventually fall off leaving bright red berries for display in ornamental style. The decorative berries are especially evident in the winder when snow has fallen, this can create a perfect scene especially for photographers or even a simple captured family moment. They can also serve as a shade barer in the warmer months, great for enjoying the outdoors while not having to worry about the beating sun. The berries attract wildlife like song birds and small fruit consuming mammals. Most importantly the variety of song birds that the tree can attract will provide lovely songs and entertainment to enjoy. It is important to know that only the female plants produce the berries, the male do not. It is recommended that if you would like a successful berry producing tree then you should also plant a male nearby. 
The Possum haw holly grows best in moist sands, loams, or clays. They are native to wet woods like coastal plains and river bottoms suggesting that they prefer a wet moist environment. 
Hollies are a very popular plant among landscapers and home gardeners due to their wide variety of uses such as use in foundation plantings ,mass plantings, and screening. Furthermore, they can serve as an accent tree to add decoration to nearly any backyard habitat. They are easy to care for needing optimal sunlight, and little to no maintenance a beneficial characteristic among shrubs.