NOTE: Our plants ship as bare root plants, and are dug fresh to order during the dormant season.

Ponderosa Pine Seedlings

The Ponderosa Pine is one of the Nation’s most essential pine trees. It dominates pine forests in every western state; The Ponderosa pine tolerates many climates, altitudes, and soils. It can live for hundreds of years, growing to heights of over 300 feet. The tall column-like trunks can be more than 8 feet across. Two principal varieties of Ponderosas are Pacific and Rocky Mountain Ponderosa pine. Ponderosa pines live in Mexico, Canada, the USDA hardiness zones of three and above, and elevations below 9,00 feet.

In its first years, the Ponderosa pine grows slowly but grows faster as it ages.

The tree will eventually have muscular branches with green-gold clusters of needles. Dark brown or bronze-colored bark dresses the trunk, and you will find pinecones in shades of brown and gold on the ground all year.

Ponderosa pines tolerate heat, drought, and extreme cold, and snow. It can be grown almost anywhere and is beautiful at any stage of life. However, Ponderosa seedlings need room to grow. Remove shrubs and other trees in their vicinity until the tees are about two years old. Roots multiply early in the growing stages, and it is best to maintain air and soil temperatures a 73⁰F.

To grow a Ponderosa Pine from a seedling, plant in the spring or March and April months. Keep your Ponderosa watered, but note that these trees are susceptible to overwatering. Keep the soil around the tree’s root moist but don’t allow water to pool. Young trees are also vulnerable to dry conditions and will grow slowly if they don’t have enough water. Ponderosa pines prefer places with rainfall of 12 and 24 inches annually.

Protect your seedlings from rabbits, deer, and dogs that love to dig. A guard around your Ponderosa truck is an excellent method to prevent small animals from damaging the bark. You may need deer repellent or fencing to deter other larger animals who love to eat trees.

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