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Purchase Pond Plants are perfect for your water garden or pond available from Tn Nursery.

If you’re looking to buy affordable pond plants, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer low grower prices on aquatic plants to suit every US zone and various applications, including home gardens, commercial landscaping projects, and habitat rehabilitation programs. Whether you need bog plants, emergent and marginal plants, deep marginals, floaters, or oxygenators, we’re sure to have something that’ll suit your needs.

Pond Plants are typically found along creeks, rivers, and ponds.

We stock pond plants hardy to every USDA hardiness zone represented in the US from zone three right up to zone 11. But more than that, we stock pond plants that have adapted to each zone. And when we send out your order, we’ll carefully select individual plants adapted to the climate in your area.

How do we do this? We grow most of the plants we sell on our 3500+ acres of prime nursery growing land in Tennessee, the heart of a nursery country. But to make sure our plants aren’t just adapted to Tennessee’s climate, we source propagation stock from plants across the country that have adapted over many generations to the climates of each USDA hardiness zone.

Pond Plants are essential to any home garden with water

If you’re looking to buy pond plants for a water feature, then we’ve got a range of plants that will delight you. From the ever-popular water lilies to a range of beautiful grasses, there’s sure to be something in our catalog that will fight right in with your garden’s theme.

Affordable pond plants for commercial landscape and habitat rehabilitation projects

When you’ve got a large project, it’s essential to source a large number of affordable plants. We offer low grower prices on single plants and fantastic discounts for bulk purchases.

A healthy pond needs bog plants, emergent and marginal plants, deep marginals, floaters, and oxygenators, so make sure you pick up at least one plant from each category.

Pond Plants are For Sale from TN Nursery with Low Rates and Quick Shipping