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Preparing Your Garden Plants For Spring

Gardening can be very rewarding and a relaxing past time. A little foresight goes a long way. Preparing your garden plants do not have to be difficult. There’s no better time to start then the early spring.

One of the first things you should do is plan your garden area, make sure that the taller plants and shrubs will not cast a shadow on lower plants. Take note of how much sunshine and moisture your garden area gets. A little research about your garden plants can go a long way into planning your garden. Some perennials like peony love the shade, whereas a daylily would thrive in the sun shine.

Make sure your garden is free from weeds, it’s best to pull the weeds after rain since the soil will be soft and you can make sure to get all of the roots out as well. Preparing the bed area for your garden a few weeks ahead of planting can be very beneficial. Preparing the soil a few weeks before planting can make a difference. In addition to pulling weeds, it may be beneficial to add organic matter to your garden as well. Things like shredded leaves and compost will enrich the soil’s nutrients and will make your garden’s blooms that much bigger.

If you have already started a garden, and have some perennials or shrubs planted, make sure they get pruned; this will promote new, healthy blooms. It depends on the plant’s species when the best time for pruning is, but most plants do well care in late winter or early spring, as this is when the plant is in a dormant state. Pruning back the older growth will promote new growth, and it’s critical to keeping your plants healthy.

Determine when the best time to start the plants will be if you are starting plants from seeds; be sure to start them indoors. Starting seeds indoors will give the sprouts a higher chance of survival. Many spring plants do well if planted after the last frost, so keep them inside until then.

A little research about your garden plants can go a long way into planning your garden. Perennials like peony and hostas love the shade, whereas daylilies and black-eyed Susans thrive in the sunshine.

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