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Ten Plants Perfect for Texas Landscaping
If you're looking for new bushes, shrubs, or trees, here are ten plants that you should love. Each of these options can work in your Texas landscaping. Just double-check light, soil, and water requirements before purchasing.

There are more than ten plants you can look into, of course. https://www.tnnursery.net/plants-for-texas-for-sale/ The plants in this list, though, are some of your most popular.

1 Loblolly Pine

Expect this tree to grow up to two feet each year. When it reaches maturity, your pine should reach 90 to 100 feet in height. You can expect attractive green foliage. Plus, you should know that various birds love to call these trees their home.

2 Pink Hibiscus

All during the year, this plant chooses to display its colorful blooms. If you're looking for a splash of color in your garden beds, this should a winner for you. Also, keep an eye out for birds and butterflies that are attracted to the pink hibiscus.

3 Lily of the Valley

Their white bell-like blooms are charming, and their vibrant green leaves are lovely. If you can ensure the soil stays moist, lily of the valley can grow in the sun. However, it's much easier to keep healthy in shady areas.

4 Autumn Blaze Maple

Should you want a tree that showcases bold, colorful leaves, this is a great option for you. The autumn blaze maple grows around three feet a year, and it can last in various climates. They reach around 45 to 50 feet in height. Use them as a design anchor to your landscaping. Consider planting them along long country driveways, too.

5 Tall Phlox

Place this flowering plant anywhere in your yard for colorful blooms that return year in and year out. Expect a pop of color in garden beds. Use them in alongside exterior walls, too. Understand these plants easily multiply and you should see them reach a height of three to four feet.

6 Blue Flag Iris

Growing to be around two to two and a half feet wide and two to three feet tall, these plants put off colorful blooms that brighten any yard. They also attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

7 Carpet Moss

For anyone search for an amazing groundcover, they should consider this plant. Carpet moss puts off a beautiful green color, and it can traverse various landscapes like rocks. It feels amazing on feet, and also is perfect if wanting to mix up the look of walkways.

8 Blueberry Plants

Texas is suitable for various edible plants that you can use in your landscaping. Consider the blueberry and how useful that could be for you. In addition to using it for healthy snacks and all kinds of yummy goodies, the plant should look great in your yard, too.

9 Sassafras Tree

It can grow to be about 65 feet high and almost 40 feet wide. This tree provides lovely foliage, especially in the autumn months. Know they also can multiply and work well when needing a thick border.

10 Weeping Willow Tree

Keep cool during Texas summers under their lush arching branches. Enjoy their unique look, too. In only 15 years, this tree can reach its full size. Both its height and width can be anywhere from 30 to 50 feet.

Pick the Perfect Plants for Your Texas Landscaping

Each of the ten options above could be a hit with you and yours. Look into all the wonderful selections available for you. https://www.tnnursery.net/plants-for-texas-for-sale/ If one of the ten just covered won't work in your space, know that you have even more plants from which you choose.

Every US state comes with its gardening challenges, and Texas is no different.

Thankfully the plants on this page are all able to thrive in Texas's unique growing conditions. And better yet, they're specially adapted to the climate in Texas. These plants are suitable for anyone wanting to grow trees, grasses, ferns, flowers, vines, hedges, moss, shrubs, berries, or wetland plants in Texas. We've also included a selection of native Texas plants.

How to grow plants in Texas
If you're more familiar with growing plants in the colder areas of the US, you might be surprised to learn there are species you can plant every month in Texas. That means you can be thinking about what new plants to choose for your garden while you do your Christmas shopping. And you can give plants as gifts at Thanksgiving.

Plants for Texas are very hardy plants

Learning how to grow plants in Texas is mostly just choosing the right species and varieties, and that's why we've put together this page.

The coldest USDA hardiness zone represented in Texas is 6b. However, most of Texas is zone 7a to 9a. That means you can grow berries that require winter chilling as well as plants that don't like it when the weather is too cold.

Berries for Texas will need watered pretty frequently

The most important thing to remember when growing plants in Texas is that you'll have less rain than the US average. That means you may need to water more frequently than in other states. Mulching your plants will also be especially important as it will help reduce evaporation from the soil.

Of course, Texas is well known for its sweltering heat during summer. All the plants in this section will cope well with this heat, and you can give them a helping hand by planting trees and large shrubs to provide some shade for the smaller plants in your garden.

Pro tip:
Choose a selection of plants from each garden level to add interest to your garden and ensure all the plants work together to create a beautiful little ecosystem. That means selecting low-growing varieties, small and large shrubs, and even a tree or two if your garden is large enough.

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