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Plants for Ohio are relatively low maintenance with the average yearly rainfall there

Is your garden or landscape located in Ohio? If so, then this page is for you. Every plant on this page is rated for zones 5b-6b (the USDA hardiness zones that apply to Ohio), and we stock individual plants that have adapted over several generations to your climate.

How to grow plants in Ohio
Ohio generally gets a relatively average amount of rainfall, but it can be quite humid. As a result, successfully growing plants in Ohio is all about making good plant choices and landscaping decisions that prevent fungal infections.

Plants for Ohio are an astounding accent to any garden

Because of Ohio’s humidity, it’s essential that you lay out your garden in such a way as to maximize airflow. The best way to do this is to ensure all your taller trees and shrubs have plenty of space around them. Of course, you don’t want to leave soil barren, so interplant your larger plant species with low-growing plants and ground covers that will grow well in Ohio.

Plants for Ohio are excellent for that climate

Making smart plant choices can be difficult when you can’t find much information about a plant’s ideal growing conditions. Thankfully, you know that every plant on this page is an excellent plant for Ohio and can grow well in your climate. Apart from that, be sure to match each plant’s ideal exposure with the level of the sun that each area of your garden gets. There are plenty of plants on this page that will grow in the sun and shade as well as lots that prefer full sun or deep shade so that task should be relatively easy.

Pro tip:
When you need to spray, choose a watering method that directs water right onto plant roots and limits water splashes that could spread pathogenic fungi from plant to plant.

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